14 Reasons Anyone Can Be Thankful


My husband has been unemployed since March 2012. Unemployment benefits have long since expired and we both face the realities of “being so broke” almost daily. With the holidays coming I developed a bit of a “Ba Humbug” mentality and
did not see the logic in even decorating for the holidays. We are not giving gifts and my grandchildren are not even going to be here for the holidays. So why go through all the time and trouble? The problem with maintaining this attitude is that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas which means decorating and I had no desire to do that.


So I wanted to give you my list of things to be thankful for:


  • I am alive.
  • I am relatively good health.
  • I have access to medical care.
  • I do not live in fear for my life
  • I am not homeless.
  • We have utilities that make our home more comfortable
  • I have clean drinking and cooking water (and I do not have to walk to go get it
  • I did not go to bed hungry last night
  • I have wonderful appliances that make cooking and storing food much easier
  • I am able to read and write
  • I have access to the internet and various tools to gain that access
  • I have the ability to choose to decorate for Christmas or not
  • I have people who love me
  • Best of all is that I know Jesus loves me.

I chose to make this a simple post and to be really transparent this week because I am always the one to give lots of encouragement and tips. My spirits dropped for a few days and while I was down I was realizing why some people become so depressed. I want to reach out not only to those that are depressed but also to remind everyone of some of the extremely basic things we have to be grateful for. Sometimes, when we are down or discouraged, it is important to keep everything in perspective. Reading what someone else has listed can cause you to realize you also have those things and maybe more. I hope that this has helped you in some way.


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