2016 Goal Setting

Setting goals for the New Year can be an exciting time or a time of discouragement and frustration.  I have read and listened to several teachings over the past 4 years on goal setting and have composed this blog based on those compiled notes, what I would call the best from the best.  It is my hope that these rules or guidelines for goal setting will help you as you sit down to compile your own list of New Year’s goals.  One of the first points is to set in your mind why are you setting those goals?


Rules in Goal Setting:

Be Decisive


If your goals are too easy to obtain, you will not work as hard and your course of work at home will be lax.  Yet if your goals are too farfetched, you will put undue stress upon yourself as you work towards goals that are not obtainable.


Write Down Goals



Stay Focused


If you can, looking at that goal everyday can help.  I recently added a sticky note to my keyboard area of my computer to remind me several times a day of that goal.  Use what you can to help you.  


Plan thoughtfully


You are the conductor of the course; make sure that all the steps are in tune! What has helped me is to pick several goals for the year.  I then put goal dates on those goals.  From there I break things down to a weekly and if need be a daily plan.  When I wrote my book on Social Media Images you can use today, I started with chapters.  I then determined how many pictures with quotes needed to be within each category or chapter.  I set several weeks with smaller goals to enable me to learn about PayPal, Covers for EBooks and how to actually deliver the book.  I DID NOT ALLOW TIME FOR PROBLEMS!!

My goal was to deliver something of high value for the person in Social Media and I wanted over 400 images.  The problem I encountered was that my file was too large.  I tried breaking it down, only to discover I had to send out 24 emails when someone purchased the book. I am sure you understand why I found that unacceptable.  I did finally discover a solution, but my release was 3 days late because of that problem.

 Involve Others

Surround yourself with good people.  By good people I am talking about people that have a solid background for success and will be able to help you with the experiences you are having along the way. 


If you are in an MLM, you should have a mentor to ensure your success. If you are not comfortable with your enroller/mentor, speak to another person in leadership on your team.  If you are not in an MLM, then see if someone in your organization will help. If you are truly in your own business with no one over you, please contact me and I will be very happy to assist you (possibly for free even depending upon the level of coaching you will need).

Welcome Failure

Failure, as funny as it may seem, especially when you are in the middle of it, failure actually has an ulterior motive.  It makes us stop long enough to learn, look at what it is we are doing,  humble us, help us analyze what we have done and how it is working. 




 Take Action!

This has to be purposeful action.  A good goal will get you to the door of success, but action is what is going to open that door for you. 


Inspect Your Expectations

Paying attention to your goals will increase your productivity. If you stop and inspect your expectations against the measurable progress you are making, you will be able to better adjust those things that you are doing, to improve, add to, or speed up in order to help you meet those goals.  


One more added thought, if you are feeling overwhelmed by your goal, but yet you know it is not unrealistic, then break it down to a more measurable and attainable goal.  If your goal is attainable, DO NOT compromise that goal just because you are not willing to work as hard!  


Reward Yourself

When you are working from home, for yourself, it is good to reward yourself.  You know you deserve it, and meeting a goal definitely falls into that category.  Take others with you and go out for dinner and tell them what you achieved and why you are celebrating.  You can purchase that something special you have been looking at for a while.


The reward will also make a stronger commitment to your goal commitments if you know you are going to reward yourself. 

Maintain a Commitment to your Commitment

This helps you with your personal integrity.


“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination” Og Mandino         


Practice what you Preach

Whatever social media platform you may be doing for your business, try doing so on a deeper level.  Be a practitioner of that social media.  One of the most important things you can vow to do is engage on your platform.


Carefully Audit that Time Based on Your Fans

Pay attention to the analytics on your social media platforms.  When are your fans on those sites?  Once you have this knowledge, adjust your schedule based on those facts.  What good having a 9-5 schedule for yourself if your fans are more available from 3-7? Use your time wisely to grow that business or advance your career?


Stop Complaining

Stop being negative.  Learn to look at things with a half full attitude and not a half empty.  Being negative is an absolute waste of time.  If you are guilty of this, train yourself to stop by whatever method it takes.  Read inspirational stores.  Use post-it notes.   Listen to positive podcasts.  If you cannot stop on your own, start therapy.  Being negative truly is one the biggest things that can stand in the way of your success, not only professionally but personally as well.  So stop complaining and you will actually be helping your business as well as your life.


What would you add to my list of “Rules” for goal setting?  How is your progress coming along with your 2016 goals?  Please comment below and let me know.


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