21 Tweetable and Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use Visual Content

We all love great graphics.  We are quick to share them, save them, and comment and engage with them.   Even when we are sharing visual content of others we are reaping the rewards.  Just to make sure you are excited about creating that visual content, here are some interesting facts to help you make that case in your mind that this is the direction you want to go:







  • Visual content drives engagement.  According to Simply Measured, one month after the intro of Facebook timeline for brands, visual content saw an increase of 65% engagement. Thanks to Simply Measured .    Tweet this Stat

  • Stats show a 37% increase in engagement if article is optimized with visual content.  Thanks to HubSpot     Tweet this Stat    2015-08-29_2127____visual___engagement__pic_4   Visual content can influence human emotions.  Thanks HubSpot   Tweet this Stat




  • On Facebook, photos  perform best for likes, comments and shares compared to texts and links.   Thanks to Dan Zarrella   Tweet this Stat

  • Publishers who use infographics grow traffic 12% more than those that do not.   Thanks to AnsonAlex  Tweet this Stat

  • Posts with videos attract three more inbound links than plain text links   Thanks to SEOMoz   Tweet this Stat

  • Pinterest (an almost completely visual content) generated more referral traffic for businesses than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn together.  Thanks to Shareaholic   Tweet this Stat

  • Pinterest drives sales directly from its website: of those with Pinterest accounts, 21% have purchased after seeing it on Pinterest.  Thanks to Price Grabber    Tweet this Stat




Please comment below and share ways that you are using visual content in your marketing  strategy.  




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