A Startling Way to Increase Twitter Traffic

I spend hours working on my blog spending at least an hour on just the title alone.  Of course I would love to see my readers to share it on social media to push it across the web.  What if you could increase your Twitter traffic with a simple trick?



I noticed many blogs having several “Click to Tweet” boxes or highlighted areas directly on their blogs.  Like many people, I took advantage of that to send out a Tweet and acknowledge the author of a great blog.    Now I am able to not only have folks tweet my content….I am able to determine what they are going to tweet.


And this is how it looks when used:


Basically what you are doing is quoting yourself on social media.  You will find something within the blog that is share worthy and create a click to tweet for that “quote”  Of course something  like this is going to be fantastic for those mobile readers who are not going to want to type in even a sentence of your content into their own device.  One touch and a confirm touch does it all.

Remember 66% of user generated tweets that mention brands come from mobile users, so it is time well spend.

I am going to provide a step by step on how to setup and use the plugin and then provide an alternative for those of you that do not have WordPress.  (I have been there and I understand the frustration of not having WordPress and feeling like I could not do the same things “they” could)

Step 1: Install

Go to your WordPress dashboard, click “Plugins” and then add new.


Search for ‘Tweet This’.  Of course click install now, find it under Installed Plugins and then click activate


Next go to settings

Step 2: Decisions

The settings section is where you are going to determine what you want your tweet boxes to look like.    You will be able to choose:

  • What your Twitter icon you want next to your quote
  • If you want to hide your Twitter handle
  • If you want to display it as a box or as a button link
  • If you want to use short links or not
  • Do you want a box or button link (click on samples to see)


I loved the pre-designed themes and it was nice to be given such a great choice.  I have seen where some folks have even customized the CSS settings to make it look like they want


Step 3: Use the Creator

This is actually the easy part of what you do.  Once the plug in is set up, you will see a Twitter icon on your post or page editor.  Click on it and you will see a box come up.  Put in what you want to be tweeted and you are done.

When it inserts it will look like this:

But once you publish it will look like this

An Alternative Method

Now, if you are using BlogSpot or another platform that does not use WordPress Plugins, go to Click to tweet.  You can pay for the service and track each and every tweet.  OR, you can use it for free by using the “create basic link”


Once you have logged in with your Twitter account, (Top right) click on the basic link.  You are able to track 5 tweets for free and then you will have to get an upgrade to continue tracking tweets.


Put in your quote.

I like to refer back to my blog in some way and give a URL for that blog.  WordPress gives me a short link with minimal characters for my blog.  As a substitute, you can go to bit.ly and have that URL for your blog shortened.  As most folks know bit.ly and trust the site it is a good option to use.

Put in your shortened link that refers back to your blog and then check your characters used.  Do not go over 120 characters as this will allow others to retweet your Tweet.


Uncheck the box to prove you are human and you now have your click to tweet URL.



Go back to your blog.  Highlight your Tweet This and then go to the link symbol and when the box opens insert your link.  You have now hyperlinked the “Tweet This” to your click to tweet statement.

What works well?

  1. Folks love to retweet and tweet statistics and research facts
  2. Try to use this tool once or twice per post
  3. Quote others
  4. Quote yourself and this will help establish you as a thought leader in your field.



Do you use Click to Tweet or Tweet This for your blog?  Please comment below.


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