Are Mind Fences Holding You Back?

My article today is going to be on what is holding you back. We are now more than half way into the first month of the New Year.  How are things working for you?  How are you doing with your personal and business goals?

In the movie Chicken Run, we see a bunch of chickens trying to break out of their chicken wire world and escape the fate of a chopping block.  Their leader is an adorable hen, Ginger, who says “the fences are all in your mind.”  How profound is that?  Is it actually possible that the obstacles we are going through are actually because of mental fences that are actually holding us prisoner?


I am not afraid to admit that there are times that I have my own mental fences.  They are usually created by fear, uncertainty, and even self-doubt.  Can you relate?  With the New Year and new resolution, do you have mental fences keeping you from accomplishing those goals?  Where have you fenced yourself in mentally in recent weeks or days?  Maybe you are struggling with self-doubt?  The internal noise that accompanies self-doubt can leave you stranded from any type of progressive movement.  You may be in a constant learning mode, as I once was.  Do you doubt your ability to work on those goals you set? Perhaps you do not believe that you deserve success, so you sabotage yourself from actually having that success.


If your mental fence is self-doubt, write out what you value and why it is important.  The purpose of the exercise is to eliminate anything that does not reflect your values or maybe even add something to what you are doing.  If the doubt is because of lack of knowledge, pick a course or even a series of videos, watch, learn and then take action.  We cannot stay in a place of non-motion or action and expect success to follow.


In order to have success in our businesses, we must have vision, then consistent action and when we combine them together; we finally begin to have that freedom.  What mental fences are keeping you from that freedom?  You may have to take outrageous steps to break out of those fences or barriers.  If it is procrastination, spend a day doing everything you keep putting off.  Clean that house, garage, basement, office or maybe deal with phone calls or emails you keep avoiding.


The only things that stand between a person and what they want in life are the will to try it and the faith to believe it is possible.  Rich DeVos.

Any new endeavor can be compared to a baby learning to walk.  First that baby has to pull themselves up to standing and holding on for dear life.  We have to pull ourselves up, take action on that vision that we saw.  The baby sees adults up and walking.  We also set our goals and visions, and have to pull ourselves up.  Pull up and away from those things that keep us trapped or grounded.  Then after a while it is time to take that step.  Will we fall?  Most likely, just like that baby, we will have periods of testing, analysis, and learning.  Does the thought of falling keep that baby from trying?  Of course not and neither should it stop us.  The method that we choose may not work and we may need to make adjustments.  That does not mean we quit trying to accomplish those goals.


We must recognize that our mental fences will keep us trapped only as long as we are focused on them. The only time those fences keep you back is going to be when you are not taking action consistent with your vision.  If you continue to struggle, it may be time to get a coach to help guide you towards that success, have a bigger vision, help you with scheduling, or break the cycle you are in.  You can contact me as a coach or I will be happy to refer you to someone.  Continue to take action consistent with your vision and always remember that those fences are in your mind.


What mental fences did I not cover?  Comment below or share your opinion.


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