Are You A Catcher?

Softball and baseball usually a major part of many summer activities. With heat here in NC in the 90’s, it feels like summer is in full swing.  Our little community has been offering free tickets for our baseball team, the Intimidaters, named after Dale Earnhardt. 


Growing up in Pittsburgh, sports were always a huge part of life as the city has all three major sports (and now has the Stanley Cup).  I remember going to a Pittsburgh Pirates game and to be honest, of the three sports I found baseball really boring. 


I remember watching the game and tried to imagine being on the field. The position that amazes me is the catcher. Having had bi-lateral knee replacements, I still worry about his knees. How does he hold that position for so long? 


A lot of game-changing moments take place in front of that home plate. The game can be going along in a predictably boring pattern and then “whack!” Suddenly the catcher has to be ready for action.


The catcher has to be ready for anything—even the change-up. Flexibility  has to be a strength. His body is limber and his mind is engaged— ready to respond to whatever is thrown at him. When the pace changes, he adjusts.

I want to be like the catcher:

I want to be marked by adaptability, ready for the unexpected, and not thrown off balance when it comes.

2016-06-25_1433When the pace of life changes I want to adjust and learn to embrace what’s in front of me.  I do not want to be a whiner over the difficulties that come up in life or in business. 

2016-06-25_1442I want my knees to be strong because they are bent often, in prayer.

When God brings a change-up, I don’t want to be thrown off balance I want to be ready to face that change up head on. 


Summer will soon be upon us. Are you prepared for this new season in your business and in your life? Are you ready to be flexible?

Are you willing to bend low, like that catcher, so that we’re ready for what’s coming? Will you adjust to the change of pace or experience burnout from running yourself ragged?


Comment below with how you are preparing yourself for this new season in your business or in your life?

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