Are You Sharing Knowledge or Using Excuses?

Do you want to be famous?  I am not talking paparazzi chasing you or walking down a red carpet.  I am not talking about your face on the cover of Forbes  or even Time Magazine.



What I am talking about is your name being known in your particular industry.  You want people to know your name.  You want your blog to be read by hundreds, thousands or more because people know that you are an expert in your field.    You know how to do things right!

Untitled Isn’t Social Media about building an audience that knows, likes and trusts you?   You want customers that buy from you and recommend you to their friends as someone they can trust.  It stands to reason if you accomplish that goal, you are going to be known as an authority in your niche.   The problem comes in when we start thinking about all those little but’s that come into your head.  I call them excuses and will go over three.

Am I really qualified?

Most people are sabotaged by their own thinking before they even get started.  The doubt come in, pierces your heart and you think “No way!”  Maybe you have been in the industry for a while, listened to what they say and feel you cannot come up with something inspiring or educational.


If you are reading this blog, most likely you are reading other articles, blogs, webinars to educate yourself.  That means it is very likely that you could join in on the conversation.  Maybe you are able to do more than just join in the discussion. Perhaps you can actually write a class on the topic.



So why don’t you?

Teaching a class helps to make you a leader in your niche.  Click  to tweet

If you have knowledge that helps others, it is not meant to be stored in your head or in some file folder.  Click to Tweet.

Knowledge  is meant to be shared.  Click to Tweet

What I want to do  is take a look at some of the reasons you may say  you shouldn’t be teaching,  and then give you a great way to act on preparing your first class.  Let’s make sure that your excuses are not lame!

The Top Excuse is You Do Not Know Enough About Your Topic

I love this one!  (Because I have used it myself- which makes me an “expert” to talk about it)  You think you do not have enough knowledge to teach others, they may know more than you and what if you make a mistake and it is out there, forever haunting you?

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So your brain is saying that your blog is not that big and you only have a few subscribers.   But every time you listen to the top voices in your industry, you know and understand some of the things they are saying.  You have heard it before. Great, go share it with some one that may not  have heard it.

Let’s stop and take a good look at this:  How many posts have you written?  Let’s say 72 blogs total.  If the average number count in those blogs are 700 words, you have written 50,000 words.  Put that all together and it is a book!  Do you honestly think you can write that many times and not know something worth sharing with others.  If you are like most people that blog, then you have done a bit of research as you write those blogs to ensure your facts are  accurate and current.  That is a wealth of information worth sharing.



Maybe you have not started a blog yet, but you have been consistently posting on Facebook.  Could you write an article on that and share what you have learned while doing that posting?  What types of posts work best?  Do you vary your posts?  When are you seeing as the best times to post?  Should everyone do it just like you to see success?

 The Second Top Excuse:  No One Will Listen to Me

Here is a big secret: No matter how small you see yourself or as insignificant, your audience does not see you that way.   Click to Tweet


To teach something, you only have to be knowledgeable to the right group of people. Click to Tweet

So position yourself as a teacher for the non-experts.  Click to Tweet

Danny Inny @Firepolemarketing, was brilliant in that he saw that there were plenty of leaders teaching marketing to marketers and he saw how few were teaching the non-experts.  So go out and teach those that know less than you.

If you feel that your niche already has too many experts, then try stepping outside of your industry a bit. Click to Tweet

By taking that knowledge outside of your usual topic you might find fresh, valuable information. Click to Tweet

An example is Brian Clark.  He started Copyblogger with the idea of applying copywriting ideas to blogging.  At the time, blogs were self-focused journals and some information on SEO.  Brian started by teaching the principles of copywriting (something that all copywriters know) to bloggers.  By introducing those basic concepts to a new audience, he changed the world of blogging for the better.

 Excuse 3:  You Do Not Know Anything About Effective Teaching Principles

You might be convinced that you could teach something valuable, but you are saying “I am not a teacher”.

Teaching is a whole separate skill.  Click to Tweet

To teach we all know you have to know how people learn, you need to know how to present information in a way they will understand and of course how to design a course.

Those excuses are actually reasons to teach.

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Each field has plenty of teachers; the real secret is in the audience you are teaching to.  Click to Tweet

The bottom line is most people who “are making money doing something do not bother to teach it.”  Click to Tweet  

If you are successful at something, and you know how to do it well, you can help others on their road.  Click to Tweet

Someone who is not successful at something but can teach is not as good as a person that is poor at teaching but is successful in what they are doing.   Click to Tweet

If you do not have skills like basic design and student motivation, those are simple things to learn.  Teaching as a discipline has been around for a while and there are a lot of resources on how people learn as well as how to preset information.


In order to start your own business, you learned quite a few new skills, teaching is just one more and this is definitely worth learning.   Click to Tweet

A freelance writer, Carol Tice of Make a Living Writing, has been supporting her family through her writing for over 10 years.  In fact, she makes six figures annually from her writing.  Who do you want to learn from?

Who do you want to learn from? A certified English teacher who has a master’s degree or a savvy and experienced business writer like Carol?   Click to Tweet

No More Excuses

Have I convinced you yet?  Stop being scared, timid or lacking in confidence!

You have important knowledge.  You have something valuable to share.  Click to Tweet

You have a business to create.  Becoming  famous with your audience is just a bonus. Click to  Tweet



I heard a teaching once by @MarquellRussel that gave me one of those light bulb moments.  He taught that every time we hear a teaching, read a blog, read a book, we should take notes on that subject as detailed as we are able.  Then come home, go to your quiet spot and re-write those notes in such a way that it enables you to teach that exact same material.  Not only those that hear you benefit, as you hear the material again, and then teach it to others that material becomes a part of you.  If you learn something today, take those notes and get prepared to teach it!  Click to Tweet


Your turn!  Have you begun teaching yet?  Do you plan to?   What other excuses should have been included?  Please leave a comment below and let me know!



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