The Art of Tagging for Engagement

We all see our engagement and reach dropping on Facebook.  We also have to work harder for each and every like as well.


Here is a great tip on how to get more Facebook Likes on your Business Page and more engagement on your posts FAST!

I have taught about the importance of having a great personal profile as well as a killer Business page…….

You also want “fans” (people that have “liked” your page) to give you those likes, comments and shares on your posts to show potentials leads that you are legitimate and they should be connecting with you.

In order to do that, it is up to you to create that engagement.  We have discussed call to actions, great content, types of posts and so much more.  Today is going to be a pure and simple tip to generate engagement on that business page by using the friends on your personal profile.


What You Do:

  • Go into your Business Page.  Click on the little box to ensure you are posting as your business persona.



  • After posting,make sure you are in your “personal persona” and go click on that image or post… In this example, I’m using an inspiring image to some of my female friends that are entrepreneurs.


  • When you open the post (in your personal persona), you should be able to click TAG POST.


  • When you do,start typing the names of the friends from your personal profile you want to tag.
  • Click DONE TAGGING.  ( I swear I can hear your minds thinking)

Why are you doing this?

  • Notifies the person that they have been tagged, putting more “eyeballs” on your business post, possibly bringing over some of the “friends” that never became “fans”
  • If it’s a good quality, “non- pitchy” post the person would appreciate, they may interact…. which sparks EVEN MORE eyeballs on your post. (Remember, fingers clicking show Facebook to put it out even more. )


  • Your friend’s setting could possibly allow all tagged posts to immediately appear on their timeline… more eyeballs!
  • If your friend first has to approve the post before allowing it to appear on their newsfeed….. That’s ok… just make sure it’s a great post!

Words of Caution:

  • Even though this method is effective, it is NOT to be abused. Tag different friends sparingly.
  • Make sure the posts you are tagging them is high value — inspiration, tip, testimonial, etc.


If this is done effectively, it can be a great strategy!

Another method I like to use is to post something about friendship and suggest tagging a friend  to make sure they know you are thinking of them.



Not only do you want eyes on the content you work so hard on, you want fingers clicking on those posts.  There are tricks to help get more eyes on that content, but it must be done sparingly, without spam, and careful consideration.


Do you think you will try this trick?  Comment below and let me know




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