“Before You Move On”

This is usually the time of year I like to talk about goals and encourage people towards goal setting for the New Year. I am going to address some of the things you need to let go of before the New Year begins. We all want to move forward in our lives and careers. My next blog will give you some practical hands on advice to help with your productivity in the coming months. As many of you know, it was just short of two years ago that I had cancer and now, not even 30 days since my husband’s heart attack, I am again being reminded of what is really important. So before you focus your time and energy on all the right things you want to do in the New Year, let’s just take a quick look at those things we want to let go of before moving on

Before the New Year:

     Let go of your temper. Never do something permanently foolish because you became upset. Giving into that temper affects everyone around you and while you may feel better in 15-30 minutes, it continues to affect those around you and you actually have lost a level of trust with those around you.


     Let go of the idea that everyone else has it better than you.  If the grass looks greener on the other side, take action and water yours.  We are not put on this earth to spend our time comparing ourselves among ourselves.

     Let go of grudges.  Life is short and the amount of time spent on bitterness to keep it going is just not worth it.  If you feel you are in an impossible situation with that person, then take a step back and determine if you really need this person in your life or if they even want to be a part of your life.


      Let go of yesterday’s tragedies.  When I was in the midst of recovery, a support group was started for those in remission.  On our first visit we were to introduce ourselves.  Each of us gave the type of cancer we had after giving our names.  We were identifying ourselves with our cancer.  When the leader showed us our error, we went back around the room and introduced “ourselves”.  You are not your tragedy.


     Let go of your tendency to avoid problems.  Growth and change are uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, but they are actually part of your growth.


     Let go of those little things that annoy you.  Do not let little dumb things ruin your happiness.  Stress and frustration are actually results of how you react to situations, and they may not be how you perceive them.  Decide what is really important and let go of the rest.  If that means removing a person from your life in many ways, then so be it.


     Let go of acting unapproachable.  Be more human.  Have eye contact with those you speak to.  Smile often.  Ask people for their stories and listen carefully to what they are saying, not waiting to hurry and tell your own.

     Let go of looking down on others.  Even the lowest person can sometimes act this way, do not allow this in your life.  You got where you are with the help of someone else, someone who believed, encouraged and invested time in you.  Be that someone for others.  It is actually laziness when we make assumptions about others.  It takes time to listen to someone, to be a good neighbor, to be humble and be teachable.  But in the long run, not only do others profit from it, you do as well.   What goes around really does come around.


     Let go of wanting stuff you do not need.  You can actually find wealth by needing less instead of striving to make more and more.  You are not what you own anyway, so what is the real reason for striving for more possessions?


     Let go of seeking happiness elsewhere.  Make your own sunshine and then be a person that creates it for others.  Start the day by reading something positive and remind yourself of that throughout the day.  Do something positive during the day.  Keep your focus on the positive possibilities and not only do you feel great, but this allows you to do great things.


      Let go of white lies and hypocrisy.  We all want to be known as having a good reputation.  Be honest.  Honor your promises.  Be the type of person you want to hang out with.  If you do not pray when the sun is shining, do not pray when it is raining.

        Let go of putting other’s needs in front of your own.  I am not saying that you should not give, but do not allow yourself to be used.  Listen to others, and listen carefully, but do not lose your own voice in the process.


     Let go of the “all or nothing” mentality.  Appreciate those in between times and situations.  Understanding that everything is not “just black and white” will help you to not only grow, but will help you in your goal to help others.


     Let go of criticizing yourself.  No one is impressed by your misery or self-deprecating comments.  Eventually others will just ignore you.  Have fun.  Forgive yourself.  Accept yourself and you will be able to accept others more readily.


     Let go of trying to impress others.  Makes changes that lead you to be a better person and because it is the right thing for you.  At the same time, everyone does not need to be like you.  When God created the earth, He created man and woman, not two Adam’s.  We will have different thoughts, attitudes, and behavior.  Kindness however is universal so have that.

     Let go of procrastinating.  Instead of wishing, take action.



In no way is this a complete list of things we need to change or let go, but it is my hope that this has prompted you to take the time to evaluate your life.   If you are struggling with anything listed above, the way to begin anew is clear.  You can break your present habits and start fresh.  If you have broken someone’s trust, you can rebuild it.  Remember if you have wrong habits and follow them every day, those habits will affect not only how others view you, but also how you view yourself.


Your Turn

What are some other things I should have included in my list?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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