Blog or Learning Center? Choice is Yours!

I am a firm believer in blogs.  I believe that a blog shows you as an expert in your niche.  It helps show your fans and followers to get to better know you and understand what you have to offer.  I also believe that it is a place to direct your fans and followers from your Social Media sites.  I also wrote about blogs as part of my series on Understanding Sales Funnels and it allows you a place to gather those emails, allowing you to start building that sales funnel and your list.



Today I want to introduce a different idea: Learning Centers.

Teaching and Communicating in your Customer’s Language

I love to read.  I enjoy books, articles, even email at times.   However, everyone is not me.  Some love videos or even podcasts.  A smart marketer is would utilize all three learning methods, using the eyes (reading) ears (listening) and touch (hand on approach). 

The best approach is to utilize all of these methods and having something available for each type of learner.    Here are a few of the great types of content that could be produced with this in mind:

  1. Blog articles
  2. Video
  3. Webinars
  4. White papers
  5. EBooks
  6. Podcasts

With all of the emphasis today on “content marketing”, a Learning Center on a company website would be a natural way to allow your content to be in one place allowing your web visitors to find what they are looking for quickly.


How to create your own learning center

There is already a successful company: Health Catalyst , a Healthcare Analytics Company out of Utah is the best example of  a learning center I could find.


Despite the fact that Health Catalyst has really engaged high content marketing for about a year, the way they have designed their site, business development, and content creation is truly amazing.  When I checked out the site, I was amazed at the concept and have plans to do something similar with my site.  I have hopes of creating sections similar to theirs:

  • Webinars
  • Papers and reports
  • Success stories
  • Videos
  • EBooks
  • Insights
  • Questions and answers
  • Product demos and literature
  • Reviews and rewards

It seems that producing a site similar to this will produce a great return on investment and will show a different type of leadership.


It was my hope this article will  show you a different approach of reaching your potential customers.  



Give your consumers what they want by providing them the resources to reaching that conclusion based on the content you have provided them in a way that makes it most easy for them to learn.


Give me your opinion:  Would a learning center work better for your business than a blog?  Tell me below.


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