Business Blogging: Simple Steps to Grow Your List


You work hard on your blog for your business.  You try to write articles that your ideal customer wants to read, things that answer their pressing questions.  Unfortunately it seems to just sit there.  Here are some tips I have come across to help that blog grow.

Step 1 Make Every Page a landing page

The average home page converts only 1-3%. but a blog homepage converts between 20-50%.  One of the first things you want to do is make sure that you have a great giveaway or opt in on your blog.  Make it related to your business.  You can make it the first module of a course you have prepared, the first chapter of a book, or a resource guide.

Resource Guide:


A resource guide lead magnet could be a list of tools, a one page PDF to solve a pain point that your customer may have.  These resource guides work great because it does not take long to read and everyone wants to know the tools more than training    People think if they have the tools the pro uses, they will be like the pro.  A one page resource out performs as a lead magnet or opt in for a variety of reasons:

  • It out performs an eBook, which can cause overload
  • It out performs video because the value of video lead magnets has gone down due to proliferation of launches and lack of time
  • It outperforms free coaching sessions.   Greater value does not equal higher conversion rate…what is more valuable than your time?

Make the lead magnet something simple yet useful. 

Make it a bit colorful.  You can use one of the tools such as Canva to create something to catch the eye.  If you have already determined the colors for your brand, then incorporate those colors.  If colors have not been determined, blue and white are the ideal colors.


A simple but effective marketing tip it to create the opt-in in such a way where you are using your customer’s curiosity to create the opt-in.  A list of answers to your customer’s pressing questions as an opt- in always works, but do it in a statement like “10 tips to _______.  5 of them are not what you think”  Another example: “10 tips to_______.  Number 7 will shock you” 

Step 2  The value bomb, reverse squeeze page

Create a huge amount of content (course or training video) and then embed all of those videos or training on a single page to be viewed for free.  When I did my training videos, I created the videos and stuck to a 30 minute or less time frame (valuing my customer’s time)  I then offered a hand out that went into much more detail about the training that I had just done.  The key though is that the hand out was not available without an opt in. 

For some reason folks love to download and possess things.  I am not an exception.  The amount of information in my documents file and often times repeated in my OneNote is overwhelming.  Like others, I will download or opt in planning to read it later, often times just not getting to it.  They key is I like knowing that information is available to me if I should search for it.  A great factor is that when you are putting out large amounts of content, your ranking will increase with Google and who does not want that?


People love worksheets and checklists.  Use that fact to your advantage.  It never hurts to have statements like “I could charge ______amount of money, but I want to make sure you could get it for free” But never lie or exaggerate.  You want to ensure that you are always providing value to your customers. 


There are a variety of options available to help ensure your success with opt-ins.  One of the most successful is Leadpages and they offer plenty of support and suggestions to make it quick and they integrate with many of the mail services.    If that is not something you can afford, you can use a mail service like Mailchimp for free to start, and create that opt-in on their site.  You will then want to create a photo or image to want folks to click on and opt in.  This is an example of one of the opt-ins with my class. 


STEP 3  Get rid of your sidebar opt in form

I can just hear the gasps as people read this.  We have all been taught over and over, have opt-in pages everywhere.  I suggest you replace that opt in form with a lead box.  Studies are showing an increase of opt-ins by 32%.


This makes your blog a giving page instead of a taking page

It also forces a decision by the reader.  If they want the paper, resource guide or offer, they choose to click. 

It creates behavioral inertia- they commit to a low level of commitment, and this starts the sales funnel process.

People have to make a decision to opt in on the site.   No tricking or irritating them into it

Step 4   Start using content Upgrades

Start using multiple lead magnets

Create a specific lead magnet for each blog post. 

Your blog posts already provide a ton of value, offer more.  It will take more work, but you will benefit from the process. 

Some simple ideas are: pdf checklist, pdf version of your blog post, worksheets, recipes, and resource guides, and so on.


Don’t have time to read now, click here and get your copy to read later

Remember, having an email list is the first step in that sales funnel.  You need that list!



What ideas do you have to help grow your list?  Share with us below:


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