Easy Steps To Use The New Facebook Call To Action Button

Fan pages are valuable to not only business owners, but also to those customers that are thinking of making a purchase.  In today’s society, it seems that everyone feels a need to check someone out before they decide to purchase.  Marketing 101 in Social Media says that we need to have our customers know, like and trust us.  We also know that very seldom will a customer purchase on the first visit.  I have also heard people say that they are hesitant to fully utilize Facebook Fan Pages because they actually do not own the platform and if they put up something that FB does not like it can be shut down.

I fully agree with many of those statements.  But there are some great facts that we need to consider:

  • Facebook is the largest platform out there Click to Tweet
  • Facebook has massive amounts of information that we can have access to Click to Tweet
  • Facebook is constantly updating and tweaking their system. Click to Tweet
  • Facebook is already mobile optimized and over 70% of Facebook users are on mobile devices. Click to Tweet
  • We all know we should be building our own email lists. Click to Tweet

The new CTA (call to action) button that rolled out this week on many Facebook Fan Pages was designed to bring our important objectives right to the forefront of our pages.  The new call to action button links to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with our business goals.

If you are the page administrator, there are seven call to action tabs available to choose from:

  1. Book Now
  2. Contact Us
  3. Use App
  4. Play Game
  5. Shop Now
  6. Sign Up
  7. Watch Video

The CTA is located at the top of your business page, to the left of the like button.  The location of the button brings up the fact that we want to be careful in our choice of colors when designing that cover photo.  We certainly do not want our button to blend in!  During the Beta testing of the button one business saw a 2.5 higher conversation rate versus other compatible placements to drive new user acquisition.

Here is a detailed summary of how to finish the installation of the button.

The new button is located to the left of the like or share button:



When you click on the Create Call-to-Action you are asked to choose the type of button.


When you  click on the down button, the options of different button selections will come up:


When you click on the Create Call-to-Action you are asked to choose the type of button. You will want to put in a website next to direct your prospect to a pop-up or something that is going to capture your prospects email address.



When someone clicks on your CTA button you will receive a notification on the right side bar of information that the admins see:




In my case, I gave a url that goes to a free mail chimp sign up form:



You are immediately directed to this page:


When they confirm their email, they are redirected to a thank you page that has a work sheet for determining their ideal customer included on the thank you page.

I Do Not Have My CTA Button Yet!

If you do not have your CTA button yet, there is still another alternative to help you get those emails.  I recently started giving out a sample of my new book.  When you click on the “Click Here” on my Facebook Fan Page, it takes you to one of the least utilized real estate on Facebook besides Facebook Notes.





What I did was give a description of what I do so when anyone hovers over my Fan Page Cover, the description comes up.  Then I included a URL (again free from mail chimp) that takes you to an opt in.  From there, the prospect is redirected to confirm the email and the thank you page has a url to my sample book.  I have chosen to keep that on my page despite the new CTA.  So on my Fan Page, you can get a work sheet for Ideal Customer on my CTA button, click on the cover photo and get the ideal customer work sheet, and Learn more will let you purchase the book.


One of the things that we all want to do with Social Media is to capture the email of our prospects.  Facebook allows us to do that two different ways.  Be sure to take advantage of all the Facebook has to offer to businesses.  Click to Tweet

Your Turn

Did you get your Call-to-Action button yet?  How are you using it?  Share with us below !


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