“Experiment With These New Free Apps”

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me we are constantly offered new options to make our lives easier.  When you are a small business, taking the time to check all the offers out can take a big chunk of your time.


I want to help you by giving you a summary of three new tools, my opinion and links to use them.



The first new app is Dasheroo.   When I first landed on their home page, I read “Don’t have the time or anyone to help you figure this crap out?”  I knew immediately this was going to strike a smile from many small businesses.  In a period of just a few minutes you can set up a dashboard that can have all of your data in one neat place, giving insight and allowing you to make sense of it all.  Here is the really amazing part.  Right now, it is free.  No trials, no free for 30 days, no credit card needed.

Check out Dasheroo today and get it for free for 20 years.  Seriously.  Click to Tweet

You sign up by June 15, 2015 and you get it for 20 years (yes I typed TWENTY YEARS) for free.  That means free until 2035.  That is totally amazing.  They do not even sneak in ads on the free version, they believe free should mean free.   Click to Tweet





I am able to see 30 days of data, have four dashboards and 12 data insights with Dasheroo.  Click to Tweet

In the past, I would check my accounts two sometimes three times a month.  Now I am looking daily as all the information is gathered and presented in a nice neat bundle.    Click to Tweet

My Facebook Stats

My Facebook Stats

I am sure I have more to learn about this app, but I did take the time to read the reviews and they are all great.  On a side note, they also have a blog and are sharing the things that they are learning as they move along.

Meerkat App

Meerkat  is a  live streaming app that is available on iOS and Android.                                                         Click to Tweet


The app links directly with Twitter accounts, allowing people to stream a live video to their followers on Twitter.  So in simple terms, instead of having to record a video and then tweet it out to your followers, your followers can actually be watching you LIVE.


According to Simply Measured, over 90,000 Meerkat videos have been streamed driving close to 300,000 views.     Click to Tweet

The app links directly with Twitter accounts, allowing people to stream a live video to their followers on Twitter.           Click to Tweet

So in simple terms, instead of having to record a video and then tweet it out to your followers, your followers can actually be watching you LIVE.

The Meerkat website outlines the following ‘rules’ for its use:

“Everything that happens on Meerkat happens on Twitter. Streams will be pushed to followers in real time via push notifications. People can only watch it live. No reruns. Watchers can re-stream any stream to their followers in real time. Scheduled streams will be distributed in the community by their subscribers. Your own streams can be kept locally on your phone, but never on the cloud. Everyone can watch on web. Be kind.”

Shaq and Jimmy Fallon both use the app. (not really enough incentive for me to use it either, just stating the facts) Click to Tweet

Twitter purchased their own live streaming video app called Periscope.                                                                            Click to Tweet

This shows that clearly Twitter sees the importance in being able to create live breaking news and video.               Click to Tweet

There are several ways that you could use the Meerkat or Periscope app for your business:  Click to Tweet

  • You can live-stream industry events.  Mashable did this recently with great results


  • We all know that video is the way to go on all of the social media platforms.                                                        Click to Tweet
  • So if you were at an industry even, conference, trade show, just imagine instead of reporting what went on at the event, imagine the impact of sharing things live.
  • Share breaking news. Just imagine what it would be like to watch something live on Twitter as-it-happens.  Now we record a video, upload it and then share.   Madonna released her music video “Ghosttown” on Meerkat after using Snapchat for the exact same purpose.
  • Flash Sales that your business might be having
  • Live Giveaways
  • Something travel related
  • Q&A with designers, founders, owners, etc
  • Video Customer support
  • Provide a  “Through the eyes of the customer”
  • Live auction
  • Give the power to your customer to share.

The age group of 18-34  are shown to be most likely to use the app.    Click to Tweet

If your ideal customer falls within that age group, then this could be something you want to utilize. Click to Tweet

Problem with Meerkat

Unlike breaking news where if something is that important, people will take the time to engage and watch.  A flash sale might not be as exciting to some as it is to others to drop what they are doing and watch.

Sites like Snapchat and Instagram have been popular because you can view it on your own time as long as it is still in your stream.  You do not have to be right then and there to engage.

However with live streaming video, if you are not online at the time of the stream, it is gone.       Click to Tweet

Since your stream is not available at a later date with Meerkat, it might be best to go with Twitter’s own version, called Periscope  as it will automatically upload  your streams online so your followers can watch them at their leisure.   Click to Tweet


Because of that feature alone, to me Periscope is actually the better product for a small business.                Click to Tweet


Now it is your turn:  Have you tried Meerkat, Periscope or Dasharoo?  What ways do you plan to use it?  Please share your comment below!


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