Facebook Organic Reach is Dead! REALLY?



I search daily on various sites to get information on Social Media News to give to my fans (FB) and followers (Twitter) As a minimum, at least once a day, I see articles saying that the Organic Reach is dead.  Now I know I am going to upset a lot of people, but those articles just make me angry.  Try Googling the topic and the results are amazing, so many searches.  So why does this bother me so much?  Because it is my belief that articles are being written on the basis of fear and possible click bait. (People using a specific title to ensure they attract people to the post) We as entrepreneurs should be encouraging each other and offering solutions not preaching doom and gloom.



Proof: An Example

Is organic reach down?  Of course it is!  Is it dead? Hardly!  Some folks are actually doing better than they were before.  I watched a webinar the other day and Laura McCarthey   taught about having fans wanting to buy from you.  She has grown her FB page about coffee to over 3,000 in less than 3 months.  Oh, I can read your mind- No she did not buy them or use like ladders.  How do I know?  Because not only does she have the likes, she has the engagement on her posts and people like the posts she puts out.  She knows exactly what her fans want, provides it and is able to sell product based on what her ideal customer wants

Stop saying that Facebook organic reach is dead. It is not even close              click to tweet

Is the goal reach or content?   Click to tweet

Marketers search for ways to beat the system, on a regular basis.  It has become a game of trying to outsmart the system at any cost, and in the process, they created crappy content, or worse, put out content that did not really appeal to their customers, thinking the reach was what is important.  Marketers that had used click bait, or used a gate to get likes, were not reaching their customers.  The problem is that there are billions of people on Facebook; our jobs consist of marketing to our ideal customer not the billions.  When we know that  customer,( who he or she is, what their likes and dislikes are, what they worry about, what keeps them awake at night, what entertains them and what social platform do they like to be on) we know how to post things that targeting or interest them. Targeting a fan is actually far more likely to result in a conversion than If we got our likes because we offered an iPad, we have no idea what those folks want (did they like you to win an iPad or do they like your product?) and they do not come back to visit your page, unless you are offering another prize.  Facebook’s response was to tighten the reigns


Here is an example:  Have a pre-teen?  That child will step a foot over that line in the sand just to see what you will do.  Your choices are to ignore it and let them have free reign, or you draw the line back farther to let them know where you stand.  Facebook chose to pull in the reigns instead of playing the game with marketers.  Facebook is a platform for Social Media, for being social, talking back and forth.  It was not designed as a free marketing platform for those of us that work on line. Click to tweet.  It is their platform, we play by their rules and if we do not, we get penalized for it.  Keep looking for ways around the rules and Facebook will tighten things even more.

So what is the solution?  Here are a few based on what Laura, Kim Garst, and  many others are doing:

Do not use overly promotional posts click to tweet                              Facebook told us not to use overly promotional posts because users do not like getting sold to.  If you want to ensure people see it, then promote it with an ad (yes that means paying).  Give value, give answers, and give content that you know your users want to see.



Everyone in social media says give, give and give some more.   Click to tweet



I recently heard that when someone comes to your webpage or social media site, we have less than 3 (THREE) seconds to impress them or they are gone.  Be serious with yourself, you come to a page that does absolutely nothing but say “Buy My Product”.  Will you go back and visit?  I do, to show people in my Facebook classes what not to do. No one likes to be sold to, so do not do it yourself.



There is a limited amount of space in the Newsfeed, and if you want your product shown, force Facebook to do so by paying.  Is Facebook making money on your ads, of course!  They are a business, and the largest platforms out there.  Is that wrong?  To say so is like saying that you are wrong for getting money for your product.



Quality is king on all social media platforms   click to tweet

It would seem according to conventional wisdom that the more people you reach, the more who click, and the more that click, the sales will follow.  The problem is that there is nothing in that thought process that tells us those clicks are going to purchase.  If you are spending your time trying to deceive FB and trying to find ways to trick the Edgerank (Facebook’s system of rating which decides what does and does not go out to the newsfeed), how much time are you spending on quality posts?  Are you checking your analytics?  Do you know exactly when to post?  Are you providing a variety of posts?  To do all of that takes time, but that time is well rewarded. Click to Tweet If you have another business besides Social Media, the amount of time you have is limited, spend it giving your fans what they want and stop spending your time trying to trick the Facebook system.


BUT  what if I  started producing quality and reach has still dropped?   Click to tweet

OK, so you decided that you would produce quality and noticed your reach is still low.  Convention would say this is not good.  However the key to all of this is “Are you still reaching those that engaged before?” I am so sorry to surprise you, but that is exactly what Facebook wants.  Those that did not engage before are not going to not see your posts.  Is that really so bad?  Let’s say a customer says they want to see your posts but they are not showing up.  The best answer is to have that customer go to your home page and engage there to encourage FB to send out those posts to their news feeds.


Facebook organic reach is not dead despite the many dooms day prophets are saying.   The key to continue to reach your true fans is:

  • Target your ideal customer.
  • Do not concentrate on the numbers, concentrate on engagement.
  • Find creative ways to get your customer to engage.
  • Do not be overly promotional
  • Good content is king
  • Measure what is going on at your site so you know what people are enjoying.



Your Turn

What do you think?  Is Facebook reach dead?  Please take the time to  post your comments.

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