How Do You Handle Those Times That Overwhelm?


We all have those days where nothing is going right, but how do you handle it when it continues for more than just a day?

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I work very hard to ensure what I post on my different social media platforms is positive and encouraging for others.  I commented that last week I had to read my own material.

Here’s a little of what happened: 

  • Monday:  Discovered there had been identity theft on my checking account.  Contacted the bank, called the police and then contacted tech support.  They ran “4” different anti-virus software programs, found a key logger in there.  Time spent with them alone was over 15 hours.
  • Tuesday:  Two people had a difficult time receiving the purchase of my book.  Although others had not had a problem, I had to go back and check what could be wrong.  Now that might not have been so horrible if I remembered how I had set it up in the first place (wink).  So I had to relearn and then double-check what I had done.
  • Wednesday:  There was a Facebook Conference held in our town and since Facebook was teaching, I HAD to go of course.  It was called “Boost your Business” and was for small businesses.   By the time I got home, I had lost three days.

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I am a very definite type A personality with a touch of OCD added in to the mixture.  I have lists with sub sections and a Google Calendar with everything scheduled into increments.  I did not know when I had felt so far behind.  🙁

What Now?


“What now?” and “Where should I start?” became what felt like overwhelming questions. <<<Click to Tweet>>

What I actually ended up doing was the opposite of what one would expect.  I chose to do nothing.  I took a mental health day.  I made a Mother’s Day card for my mother (I love creating cards and scrap-booking), put on some Christian music and breathed deeply.


Then I took another look at what was important and where did I need to put my focus!  Did it work? It most definitely did!   I was focused and determined.  Reading, singing, or hearing something inspirational or motivational often times can give us the little push we need, and I decided to share a story:


Another Great Inspirational Story

Christopher Reeve, the man who played Superman became a quadriplegic after a horse-riding accident. He never learned to be happy about the situation, but of course who could?


Why am I telling you about him?  Christopher Reeve learned to live with his situation.

We all have to learn to live with those ups as well as those downs in our lives.

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He was quoted as saying:

In the morning, I need twenty minutes to cry.  To wake up and make that shift, you know, and to just say ‘This really sucks’ and to really allow myself the feeling of loss.  It still needs to be acknowledged”


We can all relate, right?  But what comes next is what is important.  He would add:

“And now…. forward”



Christopher Reeves had to take a moment every day to acknowledge where he was and what the situation was.

But, he didn’t allow that to stop him.  He did public speaking on behalf of those with spinal injuries, raised money for his foundation as well as others.  Mr. Reeves even became a movie director. (Can you imagine the courage it took to be a movie director after having that accident?)



He took what he had and did his best to encourage and help  others. <<<Click to Tweet>>>

When we read stories like us, they inspire us of course.  They help us get in the right mindset, seeing the triumphs of others that struggle harder and longer than we do.



Why did I choose to share this story?

I shared because your mindset is important for your success.   <<<Click to Tweet>>>


So when you are feeling down and your inner voice is SCREAMING at you…reminding you…That you can’t do this…that you don’t have what it takes or that it is just too hard…

Put things into perspective. ..and you will find yourself rising to new heights and attaining those goals, dreams, and heights that you are working towards.



Your Turn

Please share below what methods you use when you are feeling overwhelmed. This will  encourage others, be authentic!



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