How to Have A Better Mindset


Working online has its up and downs. But the one thing that you can rely on is the fact that we all have started at the same place…Ground Zero.

We all travel on different roads, we all need to learn some life lessons and we all having  trying circumstances and challenges we need to learn to overcome…. Having these challenges while having the business is just part of each of our individual journeys. The hard fact that Working From Home is Still WORK and Hard Work. It is something that you have to apply yourself to. Give it your all. Put your blinders on and don’t look back. Some of us are a little farther along than others, while this may be true; none of us know the story behind the story of how anyone got to be where they are.


Focus on your why

We spend so much time trying to break the code of business success that we forget about our why.   Click to Tweet

Why are you doing what you are doing?  If you do not have that firmly established, you will struggle when difficulties come, and unfortunately they will come.  So are you working online for the freedom it offers?  To stay home with your family?  To help others? (I know I have talked about why before and I almost feel like I am a broken record emphasizing your why and your ideal client or customer.) The reason I emphasize that why is because of the successful people that I read about or know, the happiest and most successful are the entrepreneurs who are in business for a reason larger than themselves.  They have a passion and a desire for what they are doing and that is something I want to see firmly established in your life and in your business.


If you do not know what that why is, Try thinking what you would want to do if money was no problem.    One lady, let’s call here Doubting Debbie, was really discouraged.  I asked Debbie, that exact question, what would you do if money was no problem?  She answered she would open animal shelters across the country.   I asked Debbie if she felt that by working the business could she supply the basic needs that had to be met and then start using the extras to give to the local shelter and then grow from there.  Now Doubting Debbie is  Determined  Debbie because she  is working for something deeper than what she was before and she is on fire.  She herself said she won’t look back and she is now more focused.

Successful businesses get that way from their passion and a reason larger than themselves.  Click to Tweet

Jumping Joan has always struggled and had a difficult time.   After years of struggle, she realized that her business was the gateway to something far greater and that happened only after she sat down and looked deep inside to see what it was that she really wanted to do.    Once Joan allowed herself to be driven by this higher purpose, she was able to let go of her fears and over-analyzing and drive her profits to the top.   Today she happily speaks to audiences and helps others reach their goals.


A Great Story

Do you know Sylvester Stallone?  From the movie “Rocky”?    If you do not know the movie, I am sorry.  Sylvester Stallone is one of the biggest and more famous movie stars.    When he started he was a struggling actor in every sense of the word.  He stole his wife’s jewelry for cash and soon after ended up being homeless.  He was sleeping at a New York bus station for 3 days.   His lowest point was when he was looking to sell his dog outside of a liquor store to any stranger.  He just could not feed the dog any longer.   He sold his dog for $25 and as he tells the story “he walked away crying.”  But it had reached a point that it was impossible for him to feed the dog so what else could he do?


Two weeks later, he watched a boxing match between   Mohamed Ali and   Chuck Wepner.  This inspired him to write the story “Rocky” and it completed it in 20 hours.  Now remember he is an aspiring actor.    He took that script to the studios and was offered $125,000 but when he explained he wanted to be the star in the movie, the Studio said no. They wanted a real star.  They said he talked and sounded funny and that people would not enjoy that.   The studio came back again and offered $250,000 and up to $350,000.  Stallone kept saying no.  The studios wanted the movie but not him.  Stallone believed in his script and believed he was going to be an actor. He said No, he had to be in the movie.   Eventually he was offered   $35,000 for the script and he could star in it.  That movie won best script, best picture, best director, best film editing and he was nominated as best actor at the Oscar Awards.  It was even   inducted into the national film industry as one of the best pictures ever.


Being broke is bad, and you may feel that you are too tiny to do this, too broke to implement an idea.  Opportunities will pass you by because you are a nobody.  You will have times that you feel you are pushing hard against walls.   But whatever you do, keep dreaming.  No one knows what you can do but you.  People will try to judge you,but you know where you can go and what you will do.  Dreams and your why will help you to get where you want to go.  Do not give up those dreams.

Never give up your dreams.  Those dreams and your why will get you where you want to go.  Click to Tweet

Back to Stallone.   Guess what the first thing Stallone  did when he got that  $35,000?  He went back to that liquor store and watched for the man he sold his dog to.  He waited for 3 days to get see the man, and he came walking with the dog.  Stallone told him everything that had happened and why he did it and asked if he could buy the dog back.   The man refused.  Stallone  offered $100 the man said no.  He offered $500, he refused  again.  He offered $1000 and the man refused once more.  He ended buying the dog back for $15,000 for same dog he sold for $25.   But look at what he gained.  He is definitely one of the best and well-known actors in the business.

Often times, I find that someone’s excuse for not doing what needs to be done for the business…. ought to actually be their reason for doing the business.    Someone might use raising a family as an excuse saying I do not have time,  but the reality is that this excuse(the family)  should actually be the reason for the business   Brendon Burchard

Back to your Why

Once someone discovers their “why”, it’s amazing to see how things just seem to fall into place.   What if you are not sure what your why is?   Some people think they might NOT know what it is, but I beg to differ.  Deep down, I think you do know.    So let’s try some questions:

  • What does success mean to you?   Is it to be with your family at home?   Do you want to be first at something that no one you know is trying to do?
  • Is success for you a dollar amount?  What is that dollar amount? If that is what success is for you, set that dollar amount and work towards it.  But I am guessing (with confident assurance) that if you look at what you plan to do with that money, that is what that why actually is!
  • Ask yourself, “What am I most passionate about?” Is it helping others?  Is your passion a healthy lifestyle?
  • In what way is my business an extension of my passion?  Don’t just decide because so many of the people with an MLM have a specific reason, that your reason has to be the same.   Your why could be something else and the questions I asked might have sparked something deep inside you.


Another Example

Sad Sally was working with half a heart in her business and thought she should have great results .  When she thought about her passion she discovered she wanted to help families find a way to keep their parents from going into nursing homes.  Sad Sally helped to develop a company that hires people to sit in the homes of the family while they are working.  An adult babysitting company.

If you could make a difference for anyone or anything, what would it be?   Is it to give back to your family, your parents, or maybe to others in need?  Do you have a need to serve and hope this business will help you do that?


Are you working to help your adult children because you see them striving to be a success? To help your children to be what they desire to be?  Mom Michelle has adult children and she sees them struggling with school and working to try and better them.  She realized she is working at building her own business to help them and even further to help when the grandchildren come.   Maybe you are looking to have the income to get you through retirement and have a retirement that you will be able to enjoy?

Do you want to help women and children from domestic violence?  Do you want to do something that is locally or do you have a worldwide vision?

What is the desire within you as a reward for that  accomplishment?


Some people hate the commute to and from work and feel it  takes too much out of you.  I know a lady Money Maggie that was making 6 figures a  year, but she left it to work from home and be able to spend the time with the family.  Now even though her business has not reached that 6 figures, she is Merry Maggie because of the difference in her life.

Ask yourself, “What are some small steps that I can take to begin to make that difference?”


There are people making those 6 figures, so can we.

We have to stay focused and be consistent.  True success does not come overnight while we sleep.   Click to Tweet

We have to stay focused and be consistent.  True success does not come overnight while we sleep.



Follow your passion and don’t let go. Your business probably stems from something you’re passionate about, but over time, the day-to-day running of the business makes it hard to keep that passion alive. Fuel it daily by reminding yourself why you started your business.


What do you do to stay motivated in your business?  Please comment below and let me know.




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