I Think People Don’t Like Me on Social Media

Are you unique?


In order to be effective in Social Media, we must come from an authentic place not a duplicated place. Click to Tweet

It must be authentic and organic to what God has given you.  Each of us has things in our makeup that are original to just us.

You cannot present yourself on line as a duplicate of someone you admire. Click to Tweet

It just does not work.  It would be like me picking up a weapon that was designed for someone else.  Let’s say for better visualization, I cannot put on the armor of someone that is 6’4” when I am 5’6”.  I won’t even be able to see out of that armor.



Unfortunately, my enemies would be able to know that as well.  That weapon was designed specifically for that person and is not going to work for me.   If my weapon is a sling shot and a rock, I will do better with that than I would with a sword, shield and armor that is designed for someone else.  That armor might be shiny and bright and my sling shot might be old and dirty, but my weapon will work better for me.  With my sling shot, I can stand in the midst of an enemy (or critics) and stand tall.

If I am depending on the personality of someone else, how will I know how to respond to someone.  Click to Tweet

Yet….we see this every day in Social Media.

People admire a leader and begin to copy that person.  Click to Tweet

The problem is that others can see right through that and more importantly, this is not a path to success.  What is it that is unique about you? What is it that folks get from you when they go to your site, blog, or social media platform that they are not getting from somebody else?  Why should someone purchase your products?  What are they getting from you that they cannot get somewhere else?  What is unique or authentic to the way you flow?

Most people do not know what is unique about themselves and it shows in what they blog about and what they post on social media.     Click to Tweet


Who Are You?

Who are you?  We know our spouse.  We know our children.  We hopefully know who Jesus is.  We know who won Grammy’s.  We know the governor, president, and sometimes even our senators and representatives.  But do you really know yourself?  It can be confusing to someone that does not know themselves.  That person is tossed to and fro and has no real direction.


It might be very easy to study someone within our niche.  We know what they like, what they stand for, what their favorite platform is, what the core of the message they are delivering is.  We read the books, read the blogs, attend the seminars or webinars, and watch the videos.

Have you taken even a quarter of that amount of time to study yourself?  Click to Tweet

You know all the stats about Facebook, how many are reached, how many are on mobile.  You know when it was started and may even know the earnings of Facebook.  You are current on all of the Facebook updates.  You may have the knowledge of the other social media platforms as well or instead of Facebook.  Do you know even 1/8 of yourself as well as you know those Social Media Platforms?


Do you know your purpose? Click to Tweet

Do you know what the pain point is of your ideal customer?  Click to Tweet

If you are giving out content that is “unrelated” to your unique customer, does it not stand to reason that your customer is going to get tired of the “food” you are feeding them?  If the posts, blogs and comments do not related to your customer, they just walk away.  Your difference is to give them what it is that they want (Need) and to do it in a way that is unique when compared to others.


Figure out who you are; then do it with purpose    Dolly Parton

Here are some questions that I hope will help you:

What drives you?

What is your passion?

What is it that that you would do even if you were not making money? Click to Tweet

What is thing that gives you energy, passion, and creativity?  What is it that you do that makes your eyes light up?


What disturbs you?

You cannot change what you do not care about.  Click to Tweet

When you do not care about something yet attempt to do it, everyone else has to put up with your attempts to do that thing that you do not care about.  For example: When I was with an MLM, I was so overwhelmed with Social Media.  The sizes for each platform, the never changing rule changes, the times that are best, and the demographics that I wanted to raise my hands up and quit absolutely everything.  I didn’t because I do believe that the way people need to market needs to change.  The way that people buy is  changing as well. I knew I had to be effective in more than making calls and praying this was the one that said “yes.”    I knew my call-backs needed to know more about me.  The thing is that I suddenly felt so sorry for others that were no longer seeing the success they once had and did not understand why they were no longer effective.   I had sympathy for them knowing they would feel the same overwhelm I once had.


What do you disturb?

When you walk in on something, what are you able to change?  How are you able to help?   Are you just a pebble that is thrown into a pond and does not even make a ripple?

Your presence needs to disturb the tranquility of the moment.  Click to Tweet

What you are feeding your audience needs to resonate with them and actually feed them!                                          Click to Tweet 

Make a list of some things you are going to disturb.  You are probably asking by now “how am I going to do that?”  You do it by touching on those things that you are passionate about, and while being your own unique person, reach out and give content that hits on that subject.  Will everyone like it?  Heck no!  But those people that you really want to reach will definitely be able to relate as well as feel encouraged.

If your “message” is different than what others are putting out and you are not sure…do it!                                                    Click to Tweet

Yes, you may stir some things, but is being passive and not acting on things the way you really want to be?  I think not

So people are saying they do not like you?  Great!  Am I crazy?

No, I say great because if they do not like you that means that you are getting noticed.                                           Click to Tweet

Isn’t that what you really want?   At least people now know you are here!  It is OK to be a little radical.                                                                             74 SU1HXzEwOTkuanBn

What are you core values?

 I did not say morals or scriptures.  I am talking about you.  Who are you?  What are your non-negotiables?  These are the values you pick your friends by, find most important in spouse, and find important with those you work with.  It can be loyalty, honesty, and integrity.  You could be surrounding yourself with people that irk you.

You might be spending all of your energy that you could spend building something great into fighting someone that you actually invited into your camp.        Click to Tweet


Dangers of Sameness

If you have not been authentic in whom you are in your social media platforms, 2015 is going to look exactly like 2014.  Click to Tweet        Why you ask?

Most of your energy is being spent on being that duplicate of someone else. Click to Tweet

How can you create something new and inventive if it is not coming from you?  All you will ever be is that duplicate of someone else.  God is not going to bless who you pretend to be any more than your customers will recognize you as someone they can know like and trust.


If you are not sure who you are, then it will be difficult to be authentic in your business. Click to Tweet

Who you are in your personal life and who you are in your professional life should be the same.  People today buy from those they know like and trust.  We hear that phrase all the time.

I like to say nobody buys anything important from a stranger except gasoline and Gummy bears.  If you cannot give your audience a sense of who you truly are and gain some acceptance, good luck getting them to sign on the dotted line.   JC Kendall

Peel away the layers

We put on things to protect us from people and little by little those things tend to be peeled away.  I am not saying that we cannot have an ideal self, of course we are all striving to be better, but if you spend your time hiding everything from others, how can you plant those seeds to build your business?  Take an apple.  We have the outer core.  That outer core(apple peel)  really is a covering of what is inside.  We get to the inside and there lies the need to please others, our doubts, hiding how you feel, hiding who you are, insecurity, pettiness, and when all that is gone, there is that seed.  We now have that part that gives life and that unique you.  Now we are not depending on someone else’s gift.  We are now using what is unique and different about us.

We are so busy trying to fit in that we have lost our uniqueness.  Click to Tweet

To reach our full potential in our business, we have to strip ourselves down to the core so that the seed can be planted, and thus become that apple tree that can produce fruit.                                                                Click to Tweet


If people like you, they’ll listen to you.  But if they trust you, they will do business with you.  Zig Ziglar


It is not to late to take the time to determine who you really are and begin marketing to your ideal customer.

Some of your customers may not like you, that is just a fact.  Click to Tweet

But you will have a much larger number of people that do not like you if your customers realize that you are just a copy of someone else.  Be authentic.  Be yourself.  Be real.  Watch your business grow as people learn they can know, like and trust you because you are real.


What makes you unique?  How are you different?  Have you ever explored this before?  Comment below please!

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