Insider Tips to Stop Fan Page Friday Mistakes

It’s Fan Page Friday and you are so excited.  This is when you get new fans, learn to meet new people and your numbers on Facebook go up like crazy.  Then you get a notice that your account has been suspended for a short time frame.  WHAT???  What I discovered is that many people have been making several huge mistakes on Fan Page Friday and I want to help you stop making  these mistakes so your business can finally grow the way you were hoping.

What is Facebook Fan Page Friday?

Broken down in the most simplistic   terms it is a way for people to share their lines to their business page with others who may also be interested in liking their page.  It also helps other people find businesses they might want to follow.


How does it work?

If a business page has a good fan base, they will create a post for Friday morning, inviting others to  “Join the party”.  What usually follows is a long string of comments  that have a link to a fan page as well as some information about the business.

Are there rules?

The rules are set by the host page and vary from page to page, but here are a few:

  • Post from your personal profile, not your business profile.  This allows people to see the person behind the business and can lead to a deeper connection.  Facebook will not count a like from a business page. (more on this below)
  • Write a little about what you do
  • Post only once

The rules that I post for my party as follows:

  • Use your personal profile, not your business profile. This is the only way those “likes” count
  • Share your page along with a bit about yourself or a special offer or event
  • Then like the other pages with your personal profile. I like to take the time and like a post or two or a comment or two to
    help with engagement.
  • Make it about more than getting new likes to your page!!!
  • Have fun.

Do folks follow the rules?  Not everyone

Since I do host a Facebook Fan Page Friday on my business page, I wanted to address some knowledge and wisdom, and some observations about what some do that will not benefit their business at all.  I am not saying do not participate, but I do highly recommend taking a strategic approach to these parties and really use them to truly benefit your business and not your ego.    What I mean by this is simple: having a lot of fans may boost your ego, but they only benefit your business if they are the RIGHT fans.

Mistake 1

One of the biggest mistakes that I see being made on Friday’s is that businesses want to like another page using their page.  The problem with that is that Facebook will not count a like from another fan page.  YOU MUST USE YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE FOR IT TO COUNT.


Mistake 2

Liking pages quickly.  Every week I hear from people who have been blocked from Facebook for a week and even more.  After much research into if it is the number of likes a person has done that causes the ban, I have discovered it is actually the speed at which people like those pages.   Let me give an example.  You go to a Fan Page party and the stream looks like this:


Your immediate thought is look at all these pages I could like.  It is like a rush thinking of all the folks that are going to “like you back”(Hint: not everyone is going to like you back)  If you proceed to just start going down the list liking pages you will soon receive a warning from Facebook that you are moving  too fast.  Like many, you may become confused.

Facebook wants you to stay on their pages, the longer the better in their eyes of course.  They also want us doing more than just liking pages merely for the sake of liking pages.  The entire point is to engage and actually like the pages.  Facebook collects data on us to better understand what we like and want to see.  If we are just liking a page to receive a like back, that is not a genuine like and to be honest, you might was well just purchase the likes (which by the way I suggest you do NEVER)  The only way to know if  you actually like a page is to look around.  See what they do, get a feel for the type of business and the product.  Look at some posts, like a few of them and try engaging or commenting on a few.  Then go on to the next page, rinse and repeat.  I have been trying different methods to ensure I am right on this.  If I pull up 5 pages in separate tabs, and go from one to another with a like and on to the next, Facebook WILL send me a warning.  If however I like a page and move around on it before going to the next page, I do not get the warning.


This has been my best solution:  I pull up 5 pages in separate tabs that I have not liked.  I carefully look over them and determine if I really do like them and want to see this in my news feed.  If so, I engage, comment, like posts and like the page.  I then move on to the next tab or new page.  I do this with 5 pages.  When I complete all five I check the time and do it again in 45 minutes.  This prevents me from rushing along.  Sometimes the number of pages (I put them all in a list) I have not liked and want to check out takes me two to three days to complete.  For me, that is ok as I am not getting banned by Facebook and I usually develop a relationship of some sort with most of the folks I follow.

Mistake 3 Liking any page

The purpose of marketing on social media is to first get folks to know like and trust you.  We want to lead to a sale.  IF however you like pages that are not going to benefit your business or are not going to benefit from your product, determine why you like the page.  Do you like their business or product? BUT if you just like for the sake of receiving a like in return, this is a poor business practice.  You want real fans, not fake ones and even though the business is legitimate, liking the page to receive one more like on yours will not help your business.  The reach and the amount of engagement is what matters to your page.

Mistake 4  Expectations

Expecting a return like for liking someone’s page seems to be a huge mistake on Fanpage Friday.    Like should mean like and demanding that like in return is just as distasteful as saying “I do not see your like”.   If you like someone’s page it should be because you are interested in their product or services, interested in the content on their page, think they would be a great strategic partner or could in some other way have a mutually beneficial relationship.  Just because you have an interest in someone’s product or service does not mean they will have an interest in yours.  Respect that!


Expecting to get business from participants of a Facebook Fan Page Friday Party is a huge mistake.  As I previously stated, “DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN.”  Use these events to grow a SOLID network and fan base.  Seek out the people who will help your business, not ones that don’t care what you do (and most don’t).

Mistake 5:  Some of the worst

Replying to every post you have liked and then reposting your page URL to ensure they return the like.  This really makes you look bad and desperate and clutters up the page of the party.  When your page link keeps showing up repeatedly in the comment stream and folks are looking for new fan pages, trust me when I say you will get attention, but not the kind you want.


But worse is when a person likes your page, messages you to like their page and then unlike your page.  This is just rude and obnoxious.  If you are that self-serving, then maybe you should not be in a business that serves others because you seem to clearly want to only serve yourself.


Another one is when someone tries to recruit you to their business immediately upon liking you or to buy their product.  I had one person send me a message begging me to purchase as she needed one more by the end of the day.  No hi, no how are you, no what do you do, not even are you interested in.  Talk about trying to French kiss a stranger.  YUK!


Last and not least are the folks who think it is ok to post THEIR business on your page and then ask you to like it.  I have had this happen on my personal profile page.  My first response was “You really just irritated the snot out of me and now you want me to like your page?  REALLY?”  It is never ok to post your page link to someone else’s page ever.  The exception is to comment in the thread on a fan page Friday, again, not being greedy and putting it in multiple times.


Facebook Fan Page Fridays have the potential to be a really good thing for business owners if they are approached the right way by everyone involved.  The unfortunate thing is that many who participate in these parties do not approach them in a strategic way that will really help their business and be respectful of other participants.


Do you participate in Fan Page Friday’s?  Here is a list to direct you to some.  What mistakes have you seen?  Please comment below


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