Loosing Your Passion? 5 Steps to Recovery

Sometimes circumstances in life can make it seem that nothing is going right or going your way.  You feel that confidence you once had for your business start to slip, and you can’t have more thing go wrong.  Here are a few tips to help you get that motivation back:


1.  Do not let mistakes get you down.  Be positive about those mistakes.  Take it as a     mistake you will not make again and begin from there.  Every successful person has made plenty  of   mistakes.  There is a difference  between a productive  failure and a non-productive success.


2.  Brian Tracy wrote a motivational book called Eat that  Frog. In the book, the frog is the biggest and most  important task you are most likely to procrastinate on if you  do not do something about it.  Not surprisingly, it is also the  one task that can have the greatest impact on your  life and  results at the bottom.  The bottom line? “Eat Your Frog First”


Understand the difference between unavoidable and  avoidable stress.  My husband being unemployed is something that I cannot change.  Nor can I change the fact that he had a heart attack and will not be really able to work  until after 6 weeks.  I could sit and worry myself into a heart attack as well over the upcoming mortgage payment, or I  can contact the company directly and see if they have  suggestions.  Learn to act in a way that you choose what is going  on in your life and how you are going to react to it.


Personally, I do not allow a lot of drama from friends or even  family.  Life is too short and I want to be with people that have a grateful attitude.


3.  Do not compare your  dream to others.  The dreams that you have are yours, not someone else’s.  Success is doing the very best at what you can with what you have, wherever  you are starting in life.  I will not compare my dream to  someone wanting a luxury vehicle or to someone that is  dreaming of starting a school in a poverty-stricken country.   Set your own standard and live that standard.  Do not let anyone other than God tell you what that standard be.



4.  Stay focused.  As soon as you set a goal, it will appear as if  everything is trying to keep you from that goal.  If that goal involves helping someone other than yourself, it will seem as if those trials are making things impossible for you to  achieve that goal.  Focus your energy on the goal and do not allow the distractions to keep you from achieving your goals.


5. Change your thought patterns and do not allow fear to be  a factor.   Do not put your focus on what you have tried and failed.  Focus entirely on improving w hat you are doing and  on achieving those goals.

Follow these steps…and you will be on your path to success!

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