Not Again? Changes on Facebook!

We all hate change.  It is just a part of life, but that does not mean that we enjoy it.  As business owners, we have to be able to adjust and conform to those changes if we want to succeed.  We make changes to improve our customer satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, so does Facebook, not only on the personal profiles, but on the pages as well.  There have been some changes that you may have noticed, some that are coming soon your way and one huge surprise.


What you may have noticed:

The News Stream was recently updated in a way to help make it more personalized.  We have been given the option to have much more control.

To help prioritize stores and to ensure we do not miss posts from friends and Pages, we can select which friends and pages we would like to see at the top of our News Feed.


Within News Feed Preferences, tap on a friends profile picture to see their posts first.  The same thing will apply to pages. 

By doing this, you will then see any new stories they have shared since your last visit to FB at the top of the newsfeed with a star in the top right of their post so you know why they are at the top.


You are also given the option to discover new pages to discover, based on the types of pages you have already liked in the past



Next you can select which friends and pages to follow and unfollow.  You can see a list of the top people, Pages and groups that you have seen in your News feed over the past week and choose to unfollow any friend, Page or group if you do not want to see their updates. 


Dislike or Empathy Button?

A question was posed to Mark Zuckerberg at a town hall meeting on September 15th from someone in Egypt:  

“We need to have more options than just a “Like” button.  Why don’t we have other options like “I’m sorry, “Interesting” or even “dislike”


Mark’s answer was:

“We are working on it and close to sending a test.  We did not want Facebook  to be a forum of voting up and down on posts.    We do understand people want to express empathy and more options do need to be available.  We have finally heard you and we are working on meeting the needs of our community”


Facebook Pages Changes:

It seems that for the past week or so, Facebook has been rolling out changes to the pages that look great.  Facebook itself has been silent on the matter; it is only as the pages are rolling out that we are seeing the changes and learning the differences. 

Mari Smith recently did a post on the pages:  Below are the photos she used in her post:



As you can see the profile picture is much smaller in the new layout and is fully contained within the cover photo area, not dipping down into the “white space” If you integrated your profile picture with your cover photo as part of the design, you may need to make some minor changes.

The name of the page and the category of the page are also smaller and the font is less bold

Tabs are now on the far left.  Those tabs or buttons (Like, Follow, Message, and Share that are in the “white” and centered are now on the far left, directly under the profile picture

The Call to Action button (CTA) is to the right of the tabs.  Some users have reported seeing the CTA button on the left under that tabs.  If you have not yet created that button, admins are saying that they are seeing a white “Create Call to Action” button.

Mobile users will see the CTA button even more prominent, taking up the whole width of the screen under the tabs bar. It is also now blue.  If you have been slow to create that CTA, now is the time to take some “action” <grin>

Other Facebook changes to expect:

 Apart from the changes to layouts, page admins will now see a button that allows you to see the page as a visitor.  No need to go incognito anymore.  Now you can see exactly what your visitor sees.  To access this feature, click on the button with the three dots next to “Message” or share depending on how you are logged into your page on your page.  Then click on the View as page visitor.




Response Badge

If you have not yet noticed, Facebook is doing everything possible to make us as admins more responsive to our pages, telling us how quickly we respond and ways to turn on a badge. 


To receive that badge or icon stating that you are VERY RESPONSIVE TO MESSAGES, Facebook states that you must meet two criteria:

  • You must have responded to 90% of your messages


  •    You must have a 5 minute median response time for those replies.

If you do not meet both of those criteria, you will still see responsiveness info but it is only available to page admins.  I have noticed pages responding back and forth just to ensure they are responding to a message.

Saved Replies

They also introduced SAVED REPLIES to streamline messaging.  There are two preset templates or you can click on: “Manage replies” and create a new template.

Note that if you do not have messages to respond to you will not see the boxes with the templates.  Also below the box for messages is a smaller box to allow you to show your status as “Away.”


I created one and it was rather simple:  Click on the Create a reply


You will be asked to give your reply a title, can add a photo and of course type it out. 


 Mine looks like this for Fan Page Friday Messages




There may be more changes coming — Facebook mentioned on the Boost Your Business tour that “a big overhaul is coming to Facebook Pages in September…” <grin>


Which of these changes do you like best?  Comment below and let us know.




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