If you are a business owner, you should be blogging!  Have you heard this before?  Of course you have heard it before, you probably feel like everyone is blasting the message to you.  I decided to broach the subject on two direct issues: who should blog and why you should blog.


Never think that your voice does not matter.                               Click to Tweet

It does matter and what you have to say will have a positive impact on your fans.  Click to Tweet

Too often business owners want to leave that to the “Experts”.  Click to Tweet

The key here is that those fans are  your fans because of you.  You are uniquely different than others within your niche.                                         Click to Tweet

Blogging will help you find your authentic voice. When you are being authentic, you will stand out from others in your niche and people will be attracted to that part of you.                                     Click to Tweet

Your neighbor might be more interested in someone else within your niche because of “their” unique traits.                                                      Click to Tweet

Everyone starts with a blank canvas in their business and everything grows from there                                                                                               Click to Tweet

If you are a business owner, you could be leaving cash on the table by not blogging.                                                                                                       Click to Tweet

If as a business owner you are already using social media, you need a place to direct those fans, followers, or connections.                              Click to Tweet

If you do not have a list, the blog is a great opportunity to gather that information with a free opt-in.                                                                      Click to Tweet

You would create a free offer (a paper, list, video, infographic or something else that would be of interest to you ideal customer)  .   Your ideal customer finds your offer irresistible and clicks on your link which directs them to a page asking how to receive that offer.  (By just entering their email address!!)  The biggest question you have to ask yourself is what can I write that will help my customer.  (Those types of topics are what will provide VALUE to your customer and keep them coming back for more)

An Expert in Your Field

Providing things that are of value to your customer makes you an expert in your field.                                                                            Click to Tweet

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Every time I write my blog, I tend to do a bit of research to ensure not only that my facts are accurate, but also to ensure that my facts are the most current.  (Heaven forbid I would have a mistake and someone points it out to me.  My type A personality would die of embarrassment)

That research is what is going to help you stand out, and actually become the “Expert” that you want to be seen as.  Click to Tweet

We strive to be respected and known as an expert so that your customers buy and continue to buy from you.              Click to Tweet

We are all looking for loyal fans that are not only repeat customers, but also fans that will spread the word and “advertise” for you.  Those referrals are invaluable.                                                                                                                                                 Click to Tweet

How Do You Stand Out?



In today’s society, almost everyone under 70 is online checking Facebook, catching up on what is going on with family.                          Click to Tweet

The real key is that we make sure that we stand out.  This standing out is done through the branding that we do.                                                                                                                                            Click to Tweet

If you are in the process of building your own brand, blogging will help you to do that.                                                                                                                                                                                           Click to Tweet

One of the best ways to create and control your brand is to frequently write on topics that you want to be known for.                                                                                                                                    Click to Tweet

If you are want more information about colors and fonts for your actual social media sites, go here.    Feel free to watch the video, and the hand out will be valuable. (with training 2)

Your branding will include your vision, values and your mission for your business.                                                                                                                                                                                       Click to Tweet




When it comes to using blogging to help with your branding, the key here of course is to write consistent, high quality content that people find interesting and want to share with others.         Click to Tweet

When you blog, providing social options on your post will give you the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence to a much larger network. .  Remember even if you are in a MLM, unless you are making 100 % profits on your sales, the company that you in fact “work for” has already branded itself.  You do not need to brand them.

Allow yourself to be branded and be different to attract those people to yourself.  Stand out above the rest! Be the Best You!                                                                                                                       Click to Tweet


Search Engines

As you continue to blog, you will become known for certain topics. Click to Tweet

This will lead to your being picked up by search engines and people that search for the topics you are writing about in the search field.  Of course, if you article is well written and your free offer is great, they will want that free offer which in turn will lead to you having their email address.  You will hear folks say the money is in the list.  Just think about it for a minute.  Say that you sell anti-aging products.  In your blog, you speak about exercise, sun protection, diet, and properties of your product that WORK.  Some 60 year old has noticed her eyes sagging and more crow’s feet so she searches for anti-aging, prevent  facial aging, keys to anti aging….and you have the idea.  YOU want to rank high and have your blog in those search results so they read your article.  Can you see how this type of customer is ideal?



All too often, I hear folks say my fans and my followers.  I even say it myself.  The truth is that you do not own any of your social media platforms.                                                                      Click to Tweet

If you should post something that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc do not like, they can suspend your account and you will have lost your contact with those people.  That is why the saying “the money is in the list” is so prevalent.


The next point I want to make is “How are you converting those follows or likes on Social Media”?  Chances are pretty high that you are not converting those people.

Some less experienced people think that by constantly posting about their specials, their product, and their newest products that people will purchase.                                                       Click to Tweet

Not only do folks not like to be spammed (yes I am calling it SPAM because that is what it is) they will not return to your page.                                                                                                     Click to Tweet

So even if you have thousands of followers, it is going to be what you do from here that will give you the sale.                                                                                                                                    Click to Tweet

When you are working within the confines of social media, the goal is to have people know, like and trust you.  When fans do like and trust you, they will spend that hard earned cash on your relevant product.

One of the worst things that I often see on Social Media is that someone makes a comment in the comment stream, someone quickly puts up their “link” for a product that THEY think is good for the person making the comment.                                                                                                                                              Click to Tweet

I have known people to become upset over that because  the person  pushing their product knows nothing about the person.  I will quickly remove the link and send a message to the person spamming.  I had one friend say that when someone tries to sell their product without first getting to know you and your needs, it is like trying to French kiss a stranger.


Blogging allows your fans to get to know you and as you are engaging you also get to know them!  Click to Tweet

A Hub

The purpose of a blog is to act as a hub or the center of a wheel.  The spokes coming out of the  “wheel” would be your Social Media sites.  You would want to put your blog as your point of contact on your social sites or your personal website.                                         Click to Tweet


On that blog, you will want to have an opt-in.  No one wants more email, so your offer has to be irresistible to your ideal customer so they are willing to give up that email address.                         Click to Tweet

This opt in process can be done on your social media platforms as well,  however, we want to direct people to our blog.  If you want your blog to be on its own self hosted website, that is a great option as well.

In the process of researching for this  blog, I found no less than 7 different sources that said if you are not blogging you are hurting your business.                                                                         Click to Tweet



Often when we come on line or join that perfect company, everything seems easy.  We talk to those we know, friends and family.  Then we start with those we “sort of know”, the friends of friends.  Eventually you run out of people that cannot live without your fantastic product.  Now the new  business owner is discouraged and frustrated all the while hearing the message of not giving up.  Often times, the online business owner will resort to paid traffic.  Do not get me wrong, I myself have used paid traffic (or leads) but what I have found is that many of the people I called already had massive amounts of phone calls and some from the same company I was working with.  To make it worse, they would often say they never showed an interest in working at home. This is an example of what you may be running into when you are trying to get someone to join your group.  If you are just wanting to sell your product, it can be even harder making that cold call.


Now let’s say instead you have created a great social media site and people are engaging.  You decide to blog and you get folks to opt in to your terrific free offer and you have their email.  You send a series of letters over the course of a couple weeks, providing great value.  These people are great leads, actually the best kind.  Your blog can generate those types of “ideal customers”, even while you sleep, literally.   Hopefully by now you are seeing the benefits of blogging and how it can help your business.


This blog was my first in a series of basic foundations on blogging for my Blogging Class which is held every Thursday at noon EST.  You can join the live hang out here   or you can catch the replays by going to the same place.


Do you blog?  Do you have any other reasons why you should blog, or on who should blog?  Please share your comments below:




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