Stop Struggling With Your Social Media

I have recently noticed that quite a few people are struggling with social media.  The feeling of being overwhelmed and the inability to “do it all” seems to be rampant with many small businesses today.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to emphasize that you have to know who your ideal customer is.   By taking the time to determine the age of your customer, you have a better idea of where your customer is going to be on the different social media platforms.  A 65 year old woman is not going to be on Snapchat most likely.  You want to know the kind of TV shows she/he watches.  This helps you to better relate to them on the posts that you do make and the content you are creating.  You want to know what they worry about.  Then you provide value by giving those answers, not by pushing your product, but by providing valuable information that will lead them to seeing you as the expert in your niche. 


You want to know what your niche is.  Narrow it down and do not be afraid to do so.  That will help make you more unique.  I recently spoke to an RN that had started working with an anti-aging company.  Now of course the logical niche is that she is working anti-aging and she is helping the customer with fears of looking old.  But this nurse took what she knows and loves and is going after the health side of the products.  What are the chances that others in this niche are going the same route?  Very little!  The great part is that she will be unique and will bring a different side to her business.  Of course the anti-aging benefits are a supplement; the benefit she is pushing is not the “benefit” but rather the supplements.  I applaud her for her choice.  Not only will she be unique, but she is following her passion in life to the business and combining the two.  She is not going to be bored or struggle with material at all.  I hope this helps to encourage you to walk through the ideal customer/niche blog to enable you to make wise decisions.



I decided to grab all of my notes on tips and provide you what I consider the best of the best.  Where I know the author of the tip, I will provide it, for those I do not know, I apologize. 

Social Media Tips

Keep it simple, light and fun.  Your trips to your social media platforms to check status and to engage should feel like a vacation from what you are working on throughout the day.

Take the time during your engagement with fans and followers  to enrich and uplift others.  The rewards you yourself receive will be priceless.  Stay focused on others, not on you.


What is it that you want to be known for?  Create a list of a several things and stick to those things.  This does not mean you cannot have fun.  You should, but always keep in the back of your mind what you are trying to build in other’s minds

Now I know you may be thinking “Daah, someone from Post Planner would say that.”  Personally I am not currently using Post Planner because of financial reasons, BUT I do agree with the statement.  You can do the scheduling with free tools.  My Facebook account is scheduled for at least 3 weeks in advance and this month, I have things upcoming, so I have scheduled 6 weeks in advance.  I will still check in to comment and engage, but my actual posting will be complete.  My twitter account is usually scheduled a week in advance, but I plan to adjust that to suit my needs for the upcoming events.  This is also why I did the blog on Creating your own personalized social media strategy  part one and why part two is on creating a content calendar and how to do that.  

“Scheduling keeps you focused and helps you concentrate on the more important tasks without feeling overwhelmed.”   Aaron Lee (Post Planner)


“Keep a content schedule or calendar for organization and know what your priorities are.  Use that to then schedule accordingly.”   Jason Eng

I could not agree more.  Following the advice of these and other leaders have made a major difference in my life when it comes to my use of Social Media.

Organization, planning and knowing your priorities will help you from feeling overwhelmed and help you focus on the tasks that need to be done, rather than the ones that can wait for later.   Jason Eng




You do not have to respond immediately every time you receive a notification.  It  is okay to not sit constantly on top of your accounts.   Exercise self-discipline.  It is ok to step away and unplug-even for a few hours.  A break will recharge you, and help you to focus when you log back in. 

Stick to two to three platforms that you use, especially if you are blogging as well.  Better to do the job correctly and to be able to interact and engage with those fans and followers than to be everywhere but nowhere to be found.  If your ideal customer is not on Blab or Periscope, why waste your time doing it because some leader is having great success on it.  At the same time, will your ideal customer eventually go there and that type of thought process is why Gary Vaynerchuk is the success that he is.


No one is going to have standards for your social media accounts as high as the ones you set for yourself.  Take the time to unplug and take breaks and do not apologize for doing so.  If you start the roller coaster, you will begin to feel burned out quickly.  I know, I did it.


Everyone has their own opinion of how to best handle your social media accounts.  The number of resources available to help every size business are constantly growing.  Find what works best for you and your schedule, taking the time to work through the basic foundations first to ensure you are firmly planted.  Most of all, do not forget to have fun. 


What tip would you like to share with business owners, large or small?  Comment below and let us know.

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