Things to Never do on Twitter

Twitter is about engagement and networking it is a social network after all.       Click to Tweet

I love Twitter.  I sometimes feel like I am eavesdropping on people’s conversations, and it is OK to do that on Twitter.                        Click to Tweet

You can observe people and their personalities and behaviors and the range of those behaviors is quite wide.  If you follow or watch a person for just a short time, you can see that person’s true character.


Unfortunately, many marketers, authors and more are becoming aggressive in their tactics to get sales.                                       Click to Tweet

I will get @mention from people who are not even following me, never took the time to know a bit about me, yet seem to know I will love their book or product.  A friend once said that someone trying to push their product on you without at least taking the time to get to know you first is like a stranger coming up to you and trying to French kiss you.  To make sure you get the picture here is a graphic:



Twitter Rules

For some reason, they must think that the rules of Twitter do not apply to them.  The rules state: If you send large numbers of unsolicited @replies or @mentions in an aggressive attempt to bring  attention to a service or link, Twitter can call foul and suspend the account.

Another thing you want to be careful of on Twitter is to follow the “limits”.  Twitter does have a limit on following people.                  Click to Tweet

You cannot follow over 1,000 people a day.  The big question though is how many people can be unfollowed.  Twitter tools like SocialOomph and Manage Flitter will allow you to unfollow people all from one neat place.  Manage Flitter will allow a bulk unfollow, but you have to click on each personally manually, then click unfollow.  SocialOomph does not offer a bulk unfollow, here is their take on that.   Twitter Rules Page gives more details so you are not breaking the “aggressive follower churn” which actually means following and unfollowing people in quick succession with the aim of rapidly increasing your followers.

You can also post up to 1,000 tweets per day, not all at one time.  Click to Tweet

You can also post up to 250 direct messages per day.  The limit of 140 characters on a direct message was also recently lifted.                                                            Click to Tweet

17 Things You Do Not Want to Post

As I was researching for this article, I came across several  articles that had lists of things we do not want to see on Twitter.  Although I cover most of these in my training on Twitter, I am going to repeat some of those here.  All humor is intended!

1.  Use only one or two hashtags.                             Click to Tweet


2.  Although a call to action (CTA) is a great idea, constant requests for retweets (RT) is not.                   Click to Tweet


3.  Those brags that you try to pretend you are not bragging do not really belong on Twitter.                   Instead of showing your fans, just send it to @humblebrag       Click to Tweet


4.  You go out with your friends, get drunk and give us too much information. (like puking in a              taxi)  How embarrassing for you that you made that public        Click to Tweet


5.  Tweeting your Klout score.  Maybe that belongs under “@humblebrag”  Click to Tweet


6.  Food pictures at every meal.  Personally, I just don’t get all of the breakfast, lunch dinner                   pictures on any platform, but at least save it for your personal account, not your business one,         unless of course food is your business.             Click to Tweet


7.   Tweets about how hard you are working.  Shouldn’t you be working any way?                                        Click to Tweet


8.  Celebrity retweets, If I wanted to know what the Kardashians were doing, I would be                          following them.  Click to Tweet


9.  Tweets about how many followers. Do you care about how many follower I have? Then do                  not tweet when your numbers go up   Click to Tweet

2015-06-22_152810. Gangsta Tweets.   Employers now use Social Media on a regular basis. Do not regret yesterday.       Click to Tweet


11. Drama Tweets  So you lost your boyfriend to someone else.  Tweeting about it and bad                        mouthing the other person will get you attention, but are you sure that you want to chance                going viral when you are angry about something.  Click to Tweet


12. Depressing Tweets.  If you are tweeting depressing things, people will notice and  many will               try to help you.  If you are doing this like the little boy who Tweeted wolf, you will begin to                 get ignored just as he did.      Click to Tweet


13.  Telling folks about putting you on their list, whether it is for a blog or Twitter list:  You                       might as well Tweet I am great, listen to me.  Click to Tweet


  1. I just followed you, follow me back. If the person does not follow you back, there are plenty of tools to help you unfollow easily, you do not need to tell folks to follow.  Click to Tweet


  1. Trying to humiliate someone: point out to the world that someone unfollowed you does not make John Doe look bad, it makes you look desperate. Click to Tweet


16  Thanks for the follow.  Visit my Facebook page, hook up on LinkedIn, buy my book, and                     subscribe to my blog, all of which are borderline or outright spam.  If the content you are                   putting out is good, the follower will find you on the other platforms without you trying to                 “obligate them”                Click to Tweet


  1. Ever seen this one? Free today! #Free #Kindle #e-book #Giveaway #youwillloveit  #mustread  #rt.  This is wrong on so many levels.  All of the hashtags are horrible, and even if an offer is free, it is still spam to be pushing it often.  Then to ask someone to retweet it is asking them to spam for you.  Click to Tweet



Be a resources and Tweet value.  Add to conversations and make sure the content you share is excellent.  Be a giver, not a taker.  Spamming with hashtags, tweeting about who has unfollowed you, begging for tweets, bragging about your social authority, demanding follows, insisting people pay attention to your blog content are all things that will irritate folks or even get you blocked.  Be sure you are growing your business in a way that is above reproach when using social media.           Click to Tweet


Your Turn

Share some examples of Tweets you may have seen that could be added to the list or examples I may have missed.    I look forward to your comments.


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