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I love favorite tools lists.  When I see them, it never fails that I will scan down the list and discover what tools another leader is using.  If it is one I am not using, I always click on that hyperlink to check it out.  I like to not only keep up to date, I also like to ensure that if there is an easier way to do what I do, I want to incorporate that into my routine.  Now it is time to share mine.



Google Sheets


Google Sheets:  I started a content calendar for each of my main social media platforms.   I first tried looking at all of the different templates that are available and to be honest; none seemed to work for me.  I started with Excel, but when I had an update, I ended up having to bring up those sheets again from my document files and I really did not like that.  I decided to give google sheets a try and since then, I could not be happier.  

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I have sheets for subjects like:

  • Blog Schedule

  • Twitter posting
  • Blog URL’s
  • Facebook posting
  • One each for each of the trainings I have done and each one has all of the URL’s associated with the classes, from YouTube video, edited YouTube video, hand out, and the MailChimp URL for the hand out
  • Things I have to google all the time
  • Content ideas

Google Documents

Google Documents:  All of my handouts are now done on Google documents.  This allows me to keep them separate from my personal files on my computer as well as gives me an easy share URL for when I am creating lists and opt ins



Google Slides

Google slides:  Although I enjoy power point, I find google slides quick and easy to prepare that presentation.  As I like to train with plenty of screen shots, it has been very easy to adjust the pic sizes to the slides.

One Note

One Note: is  another  tool that helps. You can use it on a personal level, ideas that you come up with and more. 

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You can also use One Note to create different sections.  For example, in my section titled Facebook I counted over 75 articles pertaining to Facebook.  I have sections on tools, Blogging, Twitter, Instagram and so on.





Hootsuite:  I chose Hootsuite from the very beginning for my Twitter scheduling.  Since then, I have attended some classes through Hootsuite and I love it even more.  

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I have not upgraded yet, and have plenty of streams to suit my needs.  I can see recent conversations or comments on Facebook as well as see comments, retweets, and favorites on Twitter.  I recently added a new stream with new followers to make it easier to thank, and I love keeping up with some of my favorite leaders to see what they are up to!   

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Mail Chimp This is a great email marketing system you can use for free.  There are many others that are equally great, this one however allows you to use it for free , up to 2,000 users.  I recently did a free training on MailChimp. 





Unrollme:   This tool allows you to read what you want and when you want to read it.  

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I get many emails, but I am not always willing to read them as soon as they appear in my box.  There are also some that I am not quite ready to stop receiving.  I just unroll those emails and they are all on my “Your Daily Roll Up” email.  When I do choose to unsubscribe, it takes a simple click and work is done.  This tool is used by CBS, Time, WSJ, Lifehacker,  and the New York Times, so it is obviously well-respected. 





Canva: Canva allows you to create, edit or enhance an image.  Click to Tweet       You can work in layers (much like Photoshop) which means you can change out backgrounds, text, images and so forth very easily, you just edit the layer it is on. 


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PicMonkey:  I used to use PicMonkey all the time until I really learned how to use Canva.  I still occasionally switch over to PicMonkey, but the biggest thing I most recently used it for was I was editing a video and I needed a JPEG photo for my intro.  Canva creates PNG which is supposed to be a better quality and the images I had were all PNG.  I went to YouTube to learn how to switch a photo from JPG to PNG and then I remembered that PicMonkey gave you the choice.  I loaded my PNG photo to PicMonkey, then immediately saved it, choosing the jpg option.  Instant success.  PicMonkey also has great fonts and you can upload your own.   


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Unsplash  those 10 new images every 10 days in my inbox are priceless.  They are such high quality, high-resolution photos and some actually look as if they belong in a museum and the best part is they are FREE.  



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 Your Turn

 Please comment below and share what tool you use on a regular basis.  You will be helping others with your comments.  


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