Tweet Your Way to Success

Twitter is a fantastic platform and can yield great success if you follow some basic “rules”  Of course we all want our following to grow and reach people with what we have to offer. 


Twitter is just like everything else in life, you get what you put into it.  My philosophy is if you are going to take the time to do something, why not do it right in the first place?  In this case, I am talking about following some basic strategies.  If you are totally uncomfortable with Twitter, I offer free training classes.   

You are Your Brand

You are your brand, so act respectable if you want respect. Be professional.  Don’t spam Twitter with dozens of Tweets in a dozen minutes. There is a fine line between just enough sharing and too much.   Ask yourself before posting something: “would I care about this if I were a follower?” I tend to tweet about once an hour, and use tools to ensure that consistency. Conversational tweets do not count as they are only seen by people who are following both people tweeting.  


Be unique, but not too personal on Twitter

Developing relationships with customers is one of the primary goals of Twitter, but you should try to keep your posts on track with relevant business information.  Your followers do not need to know your personal business.  I will agree that there is a personal benefit to adding a personal touch from time to time, especially if you are in a small business.  Now if you are getting married or a favorite employee just had a baby, sharing pics and the news for your brand loyalists will have them celebrating with you.  Just be careful and consider what is appropriate to share.


Twitter for business demands you are professional

Your social media presence is an extension of your business persona.  Always use proper grammar and spelling.  It will help you maintain a professional image.  How far do you think a tweet like this would go?


Be sure to use the proper forms of commonly misused words like there, they’re and their.


Spend at least thirty minutes every day by posting tweets and responding to the tweets you receive.  This is an excellent way of getting to know more people.  You of course want to establish your Twitter routine.  Designate what hours to tweet every day.  If it can work into your schedule, use those thirty minutes in 10 minute increments throughout the day.  Make sure to follow a certain number of folks every week and check which ones follow you back.  Try to make direct replies.  Put the Twitter application on your phone will allow you to be always seen on Twitter, using those spare minutes here and there and increasing your visibility.


Reciprocity is Key on Twitter

Follow and be followed.  Retweet and be retweeted.  These are basic elements on Twitter.  You have to give to get and the more time you are willing to invest in other the more likely they are going to give you the time of day.  I follow everyone that follows me (within reason). 


If a person is using a lot of foul language or shows suggestive sexual posts or almost nude posts, it just goes against my morals.  That does not mean that I will not send them a thank you message, I most definitely do, but I am careful about what I want to see in my stream and women with spread legs does not fit in my category of “ideal customer” If someone starts tweeting images like that on a regular basis, I will go back to take a look at their page and see if this has become a theme and I will do the unthinkable and unfollow that person.  Bear in mind, it is always done carefully and selectively after researching the entire offering of their profile page.

When your network grows to several thousand followers, do not let it get to your head.  Look at any Twitter giant and you will see that they have thousands and thousands of tweets and many of them are conversational.  You have to talk to folks to really connect with them.

Manners pay off, so be sure to use them

This is just good old common sense, yet it amazes me how few people use the technique of just having manners.   There is nothing worse than following a person to immediately receive a message saying to follow them here and here and here.    I once read a saying that said “New Tools Old Rules”.  If someone mentions you or retweets you, take the time to thank them.  Not only do people like to be recognized for their efforts, but this is an action that actually helps you,  not thanking them is actually rude. 


This also is a great way to build a relationship on Twitter.  This small gesture may open the lines of communication with you and a potential customer.  Show your appreciation and people will be more likely to re-tweet your offerings again and again.  Even better, return the favor and retweet one of their posts.  Personally, I like to do both, I send a small thank you message that includes a comment of appreciation about retweets and likes, and then I return the favor.  I have quite a few folks that always retweet my latest blog and I am so grateful to those folks.

Just Sayin’

Everytime I work  a blog article, I write everything I am thinking and then I research to back up what I have written or to add to what I have written if I find it important.  In the case of this article, I had so much information that even after I shortened it, I had enough for two blogs. Rather than bore you with a long article, I decided to go with two blogs.  Next week I will go into the more technical side (but made easy) of Twitter success.  If you have some ideas you would like to add to this, I would love to include them and the name of the contributor in the next article as well.  

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