Use a Blog to Help Customers Find You

You are trying to run your business and you come across an article that talks about how blogging will help your business. Like most small business owners, if you are not already blogging, you probably roll your eyes as you think to yourself “As if I have time to add one more thing to my plate”

Before you totally dismiss this article, let’s talk about how you find a provider for your business or home.  You might start by asking for referrals from friends, family or even colleagues. You might scroll through your phone‘s list of contacts or a Rolodex. 


Next comes Google search.  If the same name keeps coming up in several of these places, you are ready to move forward, right?  If not, maybe the same name shows up once or twice and you decide to visit the company website.  You want to see who they are and what they offer.  You might check a few places and see the reviews. 

What happens if someone is looking for your professional service?  What do they find when they arrive on your website?  If one of the things they find is a blog, they now have evidence of your expertise, professionalism, experience and most importantly, your desire to help and connect. 


Here are some ways that a blog helps customers choose you:

Boosts their confidence in you.  When you write helpful blogs posts that share information, tips and guidance about their most pressing concerns, your prospective customers see that you know your stuff.  When you blog and post on a regular and consistent basis, they see that you are reliable, dedicated and professional.  If those things that they see on your blog are valuable to them, they will see you as not only an expert, but as someone that is answering those questions that are problems for them.  This is part of why it is so important you narrow down your ideal customer and know their pain points.

Honor bespeaks worth.  Confidence begets trust.  Service brings satisfaction.  Cooperation proves the quality of leadership           James Cash Penney


Boost their confidence in themselves.  When people try the suggestions and tips that you give on your blog posts, they feel good about themselves when they succeed.  And you made them feel that way.  When it is time to recruit some professional assistance, they will remember you and feel good about asking for your help. 


Helps them to get to know you.  You hear it over and over again.  When we have folks know, like and trust us, they will buy from us.  There are most likely others that do what it is that you do.  The big difference is they are not you.  You are unique and when you bring your one-of-a-kind personality into the mix; you are exactly what many are looking for.  I did not say all because that is not a true statement.  There are folks that are your ideal customers, not Billy Bob’s from around the corner.  You have a unique combination of experience and expertise.  When you bring all of that, your personality, experience and expertise, into your writing, you will attract the people who are perfectly suited to you.  At the same time, you will repel those that are not the perfect fit. 


Helps you to get to know them.   As your audience of readers grows- including current and prospective customers, referral sources, friends and fans- you will learn from their responses.  If folks share, like and respond to what you are posting you of course know you are on the right track.  If not, go back and look at your marketing strategy and your planning.   

Give samples of your service.  By writing about your customer’s problems and providing value with real solutions, you are demonstrating some of the ways that you can help your readers and potential customers.  Readers will see the wealth of information and knowledge that you are bringing to them and will have even more confidence. 



Your responses give another sample of your service.  When you treat your readers as customers, you show them that you are quick to respond to feedback and questions, you care about the quality of your work and that you are consistent with your follow through. In last week’s blog, I spoke of changes on Facebook and their response time badge.  This also is being done to encourage you as a business owner to respond quickly to your customers or fans.  This again builds your reputation and instills more confidence in your ability.


Today the marketplace is very crowded.  Today’s economy is very tight.  Blogging will show prospective customers what you know, who you are and how much you care.   Are you blogging yet?  Comment below and let us know. 



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