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Tips for Twitter

When I first decided to start a Twitter account, I was extremely unsure.  We have all seen the Subway commercial where they overuse “hashtags” It was such a different platform that I was really unsure of what kind of success I could have.  I attended some basic classes, read @KimGarst blog posts and decided to jump in.  Although some of these tips may seem oversimplified, they are meant to help the new or small business owner that is getting started.



Manners Do Matter on Social Media     click to tweet

All too often today, manners seem to be something we forgot in our fast paced lives.  When someone expresses appreciation or says thank you it brings a quick response.  When I have a new follower, I am very quick to tell them “Thank you for the follow” I have different ways of saying it for different groups of people.  85-90% of the time that post will get favorited.  We want to engage with our customers and we want them to KNOW LIKE AND TRUST us.  I believe that a new follower liking what you have posted is a great first step.  It is easy to click on follow and move on.  It is even easier to see the list of people that have liked you.  Use that information provided  to call a little attention to yourself by just showing some appreciation and now the person has a notification about just you.  I choose to go a step further and give a shout out to all of the new followers.  What I find happens is those posts are retweeted by those new followers and I get new followers that have that particular person in common.  So a simple shout out brings a favorite and a retweet and this in turn brings new followers.


Ask For a Retweet or Another Call to Action    click to Tweet

Make sure you are putting out quality content and then do not be afraid to ask them to retweet it.  A simple ask can increase your retweets up to 12 times.  A study was done by Salesforce and they discovered writing out the word “retweet” gives as 23 times higher than average retweet while the #RT gives a 10 times higher rate.  People really like to be told what it is you want.


Have Tweets about Twitter  click to Tweet

I search daily for news in the social media industry to give to my fans.  Facebook seemingly is in the news daily, while Twitter not so much.  When you find news about Twitter, be sure to Tweet it.  You will receive 22.5% more clicks on a tweet.  I also like to share Twitter tips.  This helps my new and small business owners and of course gives me those higher click numbers


The Best Time to Tweet is Between 10-11 pm     Click to Tweet

Personally I schedule tweets from 10 am until 1 am.  Yes, that is a lot of tweets, but an average tweet does not stay out there very long.  Go to your twitter feed some day and sit for 5 minutes without moving your page.  Notice how many new tweets come in?  Now imagine what is happening to that well thought out tweet you made.  Less than 5 minutes of your tweet stays in an eyes on available position.


Follow the Leaders of Your Niche        Click to Tweet

If you know the leaders of your niche, you can just type in their names in the search box and get their handle and from there follow them.  As you retweet their content, comment and favorite it as well, not only will they notice, but so will their followers.  This will help you to become established as a leader within your industry.


Look for Opportunities to Help Others   Click to Tweet

When an industry leader came out with a new book, I made sure to tweet about it 2-3 times a day, and shared her posts on FB about the book.  Did she notice?  You bet she did, and she even asked for a review.


People Love Stats  Click to Tweet

HubSpot reported that Tweets that include stats receive 5.4% more retweets.


Use a URL Shortener     Click to Tweet

Links will not be retweeted if they are too long.  In fact, the best number of characters to have is actually 110-120.  Using will allow you to track the clicks, but if you are using an automated system like Hootesuite, they provide  a method of shortening a link.


Recycling Old Tweets is Okay    Click to Tweet

Remember the exercise above where I had you watch your home page for 5 minutes.  That tweet does not last that long.  HubSpot again reported that two identical tweets received almost the same amount of clicks (140 cicks vs. 132 clicks)


Use Images    Click to Tweet

Just like the other platforms, images are important.  If we see an image we are not only more likely to remember, we are more likely to retweet it, by as much as 150%


Be Sure That Any Offers Are Clearly Stated   Click to Tweet

If you are looking for retweets to your offer, your chances of a retweet go up by 29.8% (according to HubSpot)  if the offer is clear versus ambiguous.


Always Remember That You Were Once New to Twitter    Click to Tweet

We all start at the beginning and the  large accounts do not necessarily do better. The average user on Twitter has fewer than 500 followers, but those users give more mentions than others



Respond Quickly   Click to Tweet

Remember the first part of Social Media.  It is social, and that means responding to those that may be tweeting about you or asking a question.  Most people look for a response within an hour.  If they are complaining about your brand, the percentage of people looking for a quick response jumps to 72%.  People think if you are using the platform, you will respond.  You cannot just get on something like Hootsuite, Buffer or any of the other automated posting sites, schedule a week of posts and forget about Twitter for a week.  If you want to build your following and want to actually market to those people and turn them into leads, it takes work.  Again back to the KNOW LIKE AND TRUST YOU.  Let your potential leads know that they will not have a hard time reaching you if they run into a problem.



Never Never Never Buy Fans or Followers      Click to Tweet

Like everyone else one of the first things you will notice is you will get offers to buy followers.  In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk: Lets say you have 10,000 fans and 9,000 of those fans buy several copies of your book because you tweeted about it.  (Great right?)  On the other hand,  let’s say you have 10,000 fans because you bought them on some weird website trying to be cool.  Now you post something and it gets no engagement.  Or worse, are those paid fans going to buy your book?


Final word of caution: It is not the numbers, but the engagement that matters.  Click to Tweet

Very recently Gary Vaynerchuk wrote: Your Follower Count is Irrelevant about people being focused on the likes and follows.  He clearly pointed out that just having likes and follows is not going to put money into our pockets.  Engagement is vital and those fans need to be real.

“what I do know is that if you provide value, are smart, make good content and are a good person, followers can mean a hell of a lot”    Gary Vaynerchuk

Social Media is a great tool than can be leveraged in a way to bring about loyal followers that want to hear what you have to say, whether it is a book, product, or service.  But you will never create those loyal followers unless you are being SOCIAL.


What tips do you have for Twitter?  Post them below and be sure to follow me, I follow back within the same day!


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