Using All Your Facebook Real Estate?

We all know as businesses the importance of Facebook for your business.  Sales people leverage “FB” to stay in touch with customers and network with new ones.  Businesses make it part of their marketing to generate leads and sales.



Almost anyone can benefit from Facebook’s reach, so to ignore it is just crazy.  Click to Tweet

People talk about Facebook, and love to hate on it.  If you are a business, there really is not much choice as to having a Facebook Business page or not Click to Tweet

It is against Facebook’s Term of Service to have a personal profile for a business (and you cannot get access to Facebook ads or the information pertaining to your sales strategy).  Click to Tweet


Second, you want to market in the year that we are in.  Radio, newspaper, and even sometimes television ads are not as effective as they once were.  Click to Tweet

One thing that I find crucial when having a business page is ensuring that you are getting all that Facebook has to offer. Click to Tweet


There are a lot of little secrets that many businesses do not know.  Click to Tweet

There are places on Facebook that can be utilized that people do not know about or are not using.  Click to Tweet


Cover Photo

When you click on a photo on a business or personal page, the entire page redirects and you see the photo along with any description and comments.  When you click on the cover photo, the same thing happens.  Click to Tweet



That description is the important area.  I have put information directly from my about section in this place after I reworded it a bit. Click to Tweet

I also have a call to action located here. I have placed an opportunity to get a sample of my book with over 40 images as a call to action. Click here to get yours. 


A really nice feature of this is if someone hovers over the cover photo, they can read that information on “the inside”.  Click to Tweet

This little known feature has sent many people my way asking how I did that.  To me, that is a reason enough to put that in there, but you can also have that call to action on the outside, or directly on your cover photo.  Stating click here or go here will cause that action to be taken, and we all know how much Facebook wants to see “clicks” taking place on our pages.  Not only does this allow us  to get the much coveted email of a fan, it helps increase engagement and therefore reach.



Personal Profile Page

Before you make any assumptions, I am not telling you to do anything that is against the terms of service.  When you are on your profile page, right below your profile picture on the left, is an area where you can put information about your work.

If you are still working part or full time at another company, take advantage of this space and put the URL to your Facebook page. Click to Tweet

This gives your friends and families the opportunity to like your Business Page from  your Profile page

my personal profile page

my personal profile page


When I put my curser over

When I put my curser over


There are two ways to get to “Apps” The first is to go to the “more” area  of your page, located directly beneath the cover photo.

Access to Tabs

Access to Tabs

Tabs from directly on  the fan page

Tabs from directly on
the fan page

A second way to access it is to go to the top right of your page and your will see “Settings”.  On the right, fourth one down from General is apps.

To locate Settings on Fan Page

To locate Settings on
Fan Page

Fourth down on the left is APPS

Fourth down on the left is APPS

You can add your Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

Available APPS

Available APPS

The last App I want to discuss is Notes.  To quote Facebook “With Facebook Notes, you can share your life with your friends through written entries.  You can tag your friends in your notes, and they can leave comments.


I love using Facebook notes to put my blog in there. Click to Tweet

Kim Garst from Boom Social uses it for her blog, and has it redirect to her website.  Amy Potterfield has her Notes set up for reviews.  Although I have my blog directly on my website, I like to put it on Facebook as well because people know how to navigate on Facebook and don’t like to move all around.

My Facebook Notes

My Facebook Notes

Social Media Examiner put out an article about Facebook that goes into more detail than I have. They discuss polls, RSS Feed,  E Commerce and Store Front, Contests and Video.  You can check that out here.

On my page you can see I have three “Secure App”  Those apps are part of a monthly service I use that allows me to not only sell my book, but also have Google Hangouts for both my Twitter and Facebook training.  If that interests you, you can learn more here.


You can also create an event.  I create one for every Facebook and Training that I do.  For each event, I create a cover photo for the event and it is then posted on Facebook. That event is sent to ALL of your fans. Click to Tweet Because I do both Twitter and Facebook Training, that is 2 events all of my fans are notified of each week!

Event cover photo for Twitter class

Event cover photo
for Twitter class


With more than 1 Billion users, Facebook is by far the largest Social Media Platform.  As we use it, it is to our advantage to ensure that we are utilizing every benefit that Facebook has to offer.  There are unused areas of “real estate” available on Facebook.  Make sure that you are getting everything out of Facebook that you can.

What are you using on your Facebook page?  What would you add to my article? Please comment below.

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