Want More Likes on Facebook?

We all want more likes on our Facebook Fan Pages, not because we know it means more business, but because it can help give us relevant leads for our sales funnel.    If you are just starting out on Facebook, it is essential that you reach your first 30 likes as quickly as possible to enable you to use Facebook Insights.  On my website, I do training  (video 7) on how to reach your first 100 likes.  Some of those tips are being repeated here, mainly because they are so important.  The best tip that I can give you is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER purchase likes or fans.                       Click to Tweet


These fans are not real and they will not engage, like, share, retweet, and most of all they will not purchase from you.                                                                                                                                   Click to Tweet

Getting More Likes on Facebook Using Facebook

Make sure that your about section is complete: That includes using the keywords that people may be searching for when they look for you. 

Focus on community: Focus more on building an active and engaged community, and less on increasing your Facebook likes, and your Page will grow on its own!                                            Click to Tweet

Be human:  Make sure you are authentic and let your personality shine in order to let people know that there is a person behind your brand.  People want to connect to people, not businesses.   Click to Tweet


Use eye-catching profile and cover photos: Using professional-quality photos that convey what your brand is about will increase the chances of a passerby actually liking your Page!     Click to Tweet

Make sure your Page URL contains your business name and/or keywords people will be searching for.    Click to Tweet


On your personal profile, include your fan page URL.  This will allow folks that hover over your url to like the page without even leaving your profile page




Start your own Facebook Friday party and participate on other pages parties.


Use Facebook Insights to learn what your fans really want to share and what brings the most engagement. Make sure your content is right for your audience.  IF you do not have the 30 fans needed to use insights, look at the friends on your personal profile page and invite them to like your page to help you get those 30 fans. 

Occasionally tag your Facebook Page in your personal posts.

Focus on posting content that’s NOT promotional: Most of your content should be useful, entertaining or inspiring, as this is the stuff that your fans will find most valuable and will want to share.   Click to Tweet

Share breaking news:  your fans will want to share important news with their friends.

Share videos with your fans: Videos on Facebook are hot  and are great for getting shares

Leave helpful comments on other Page’s posts from your page, not your personal profile         Click to Tweet

Follow other Pages in your niche to see how they’re getting more fans: Facebook Insights allows you to watch Pages in your industry. Simply go to the ‘Pages to Watch’ section of Insights, and add your competitor’s Pages. Keep an eye on which ones are growing the fastest, and try out their strategies for yourself.


Getting More Likes on Facebook Using Your Website

Embed a Facebook like box or use the plug in  box on your website or blog                                            Click to Tweet



Above, example from my website of like box,

Below, at the footer, links to Social Sites


Include like buttons  on your website or blog.  You could even offer a discount if they like your page.        

Make liking your Page a requirement for attending your next free webinar.

Use a call to action at the end of of your blog posts asking readers to connect with you on Facebook.

Embed a  FACEBOOK BADGE  onto your website.

Getting More Likes Using Other Social Media Platforms

Promote your Facebook Page to your other Social Media platforms.

Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook Page: Here’s how to do it

Link to your Facebook Page from your LinkedIn profile.

Additional Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

Leave insightful comments on blogs within your niche.  When asked for your URL, use your Facebook Page address.

Consider cross-promote with a business that is in a complementary niche.

Add your Facebook Page URL to your business cards         Click to Tweet

Include your fan page URL in your email signature              Click to Tweet

Invite your email list to your page


Try working on a few of these ideas each week and watch your number of likes begin to soar.  Which ones do you plan to start with?  Tell us in the comments below.

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