Want to Increase Your Twitter Traffic?

I love Twitter and I love Twitter traffic even more! There are a couple of different tricks to get Twitter traffic, but today  I want to share with you how to get more traffic from Twitter using your blog.


You work hard on that blog.  You learned how to blog without being so stressed  and maybe you even  took some classes .  Now you want folks to not only read it, but share some of that content.  The real key is that it can be difficult to control what they share and where they are sharing it.

The really cool thing is that you can tell folks exactly what you want them to tweet and have it come back to your blog.  My cool tool is click to Tweet.  If you are using WordPress, there is a great plug in   called Tweet This.

I am sure you have seen me use this plug in on my site, here is an example:

Using the Click to Tweet this is a great way to increase Twitter share.  Remember that 66% of user generated tweets that mention brands come from mobile users, so you always want to keep those mobile users in mind.


Personally, I enjoy reading a blog and coming to a click to tweet box that gives me an opportunity to Tweet what I am currently reading if I find that fact to be something that may interest my followers.

Let’s start with a few how to’s so you can get started: 

Step 1: Install

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Plugins and then Add new.



Search for Tweet this and it should come up first or at least near the top of your list.  Make sure it is compatible with your version of WordPress.

Click Install Now and once that is complete, find it under installed plugins and click on settings


Step 2: Decide

What do you want your tweet boxes to look like?  The settings section will allow you to determine exactly what you want your tweet boxes to look like.  You have options such as

  •   Which twitter icon you want next to your quote


  •   Whether you want to hide the Powered by tweet this byline
  •  If you want to display it as a box or a button link
  •  If you want to use short links or not

The “Tweet This” folks makes it very nice for us by allowing us to choose from their pre-designed themes, allowing you to see before you choose.


If you are tech savvy, you can customize your CSS settings to ensure it looks EXACTLY like you want it to look



Step 3: Use the shortcode creator

Before you panic, let me assure you this is one of the easiest steps.  Once you have your plug in set up, you will see a little Twitter icon in your page editor.  Click on it


Up will pop a screen and you simply type what you want your visitors to Tweet.


(When I create my blog, I will edit, then go back and choose what I want “tweeted.”  I then make it a simple sentence keeping character count in mind and highlight it to copy paste.  When I then click on the box to use the short code creator, I just paste that sentence into the box.  The Creator just inserts the necessary information into that space.

Sometimes my twitter count comes up too high and in cases like that I just remove my Twitter handle.


Of course you can insert the hard way manually by using the short code, which looks like this.


What if you do not have WordPress?

Many experts just assume we all use WordPress, but in some cases that is just not possible at this point in their business.  A great option is to go to  Click to Tweet  

There is a paid option and of course a free option. The paid option allows you to track those links.

Your basic tweet will look like this:


You want to put in your message that you want to Tweet in the box.  If you want folks to refer back to your blog, you will add a link as well.   Keeping the count number in mind, I use Bitly  to shorten the URL to my blog.


Make sure that you uncheck the box to prove you are a human and then click on the generate new link button.  You now have a link that will allow folks to click on to Tweet your comment.


To create this on your BlogSpot or other blog site, you would write out the statement and add the words Click to Tweet .

Next you would:

  • highlight the words click to tweet


  • copy the click to tweet URL


  • go to the link in your editor section that will look like this


  • next  drop the click to tweet URL into the box that comes up


  • Your words Click to Tweet are now most likely in blue, indicating it is a hyper link

What should I Tweet?

Statistics and research facts always do well

Quote someone else if you have used their comment in your blog

It is always best is to quote yourself.  This will help to establish you as a thought leader in your field.






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