Want Tweet ideas? Here are 75!

Everyone has times of “Brain Freeze” where you just do not know what to Tweet.  You might feel that you are drained of creative ideas.  The goal of this blog is to not only give you some  ideas, but also a few tips to help you along the way.  My first and biggest is to do the  mama test.  This means to “Tweet like nobody is listenin’ except you’mama!”



One of the best things I have done is to finally follow the advice of so many other leaders and I created a calendar as well as a schedule for my social media platforms. 2015-07-20_1505  

I carefully monitored each platform and then I created a scheduled for what type of posts and what times gave me the best results.  For me, this has been a real God send in preventing that mental block.   I will in fact schedule 2-4 days at a time for Twitter and then watch my home stream for potential retweets, replies, and so on. 


Here are over 75 ideas:


Participate in a Follow Friday on Twitter and be sure to use #Follow Friday

Share a funny moment or observation

Share a favorite song that inspires you while you work.    2015-07-20_1505


Share your personal side with a thought or reflection

Share celebrations, meeting a deadline, milestone or new client

Share adventures when you are not working: a trip to the zoo, a child’s first step, a new grandchild.   2015-07-20_1505



Share something funny your kid or a family member did that made you laugh.  It might make others laugh as well. 

Share simple moments of life that are a part of you.  Show your human side, but do not come off as self-centered.   2015-07-20_1505




Recommend one of your favorite tools

Recommend a movie your followers would enjoy

Recommend a new book, webinar or even hand out that someone else has     2015-07-20_1505


Ask for a recommendation to a restaurant

Ask for a recommendation for a business tool

Tweet a good Pinterest board

Tweet a good Google+ community   2015-07-20_1505



Tweet an engaging and inspiring group on LinkedIn

Tweet a cool and inspiring Facebook business page, group or community


Looking At Others 

  • Thank someone for a great blog post
  • Thank someone for being a great person
  • Thank someone for inspiring you
  • Thank a favorite blogger, writer, thought leader, business for the work they do
  • Let someone know you appreciate them for being who they are
  • Thank someone for a great blog post
  • Thank someone for being a great person
  • Thank someone for inspiring you
  • Thank a favorite blogger, writer, thought leader, business for the work they do
  • Let someone know you appreciate them for being who they are
  • Send a shout out to your new followers   2015-07-20_1505


  • Reply to someone that has mentioned you
  • Reply to someone’s post or conversation.  (Start with @username then response)
  • Send out a word of encouragement to someone who it needs     2015-07-20_1505


  • Comment on someone else’s tweet
  • Retweets are good for you and the person you are retweeting. 2015-07-20_1505


  • Ask your followers what you can do to help them
  • Tweet something from someone else’s blog, linking it back to their blog 2015-07-20_1505


  • Information to help people avoid risk in their business or life.  This could include traffic avoidance, deadlines for state government requirements and the list goes on                2015-07-20_1505
  • Share your journey on reaching a goal, such as weight loss or shedding a bad habit.  By this you may inspire others as well as connect with people with the same interests                 2015-07-20_1505
  • Compliment someone’s profile, bio, or other information that inspires you.
  • Help people simply do more, do less, or simply be better
  • Tweet this post to help your friends (or stop them from tweeting like self-centered babbling idiots)    2015-07-20_1505


Tweet an exclusive coupon just for your followers 2015-07-20_1505

Share a link to an old blog post

Share a link to your current blog post   2015-07-20_1505


Links to information and guides   2015-07-20_1505

Links to trainings                                 2015-07-20_1505


Links to data that can help, teach, or educate others     2015-07-20_1505


Your Business 

  • Share a random fact about your business
  • Share upcoming events
  • Share any training videos you have made
  • Share a prediction you have for your industry
  • Share a candid photo of yourself or your workplace
  • Invite others to join your email list: use a great opt in (see my training here)      2015-07-20_15052015-07-20_0303__opt_in


  • Tweet countdowns to an event, video cast, etc.  Such as 1 day, 1 hour left.  Build anticipation.
  • Tweet a link to your Facebook Page or Instagram account
  • Tweet a link to a survey created using Google Forms
  • Share a poll or focus group research which results will be shared with those who participate.
  • Share a business tip that has helped you


Share breaking news in your industry     2015-07-20_1505


Tweet breaking news (not necessarily business, just breaking)

Share webinar events

Share sporting events or victories       2015-07-20_1505



  • Share a tip to help your audience with a business problem
  • Visual is vital on all platforms.  Look on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for ideas and create some visual posts
  • Video is the rage on ALL platforms.  Create a short video about what you are doing
  • Give tips to help people save time or money
  • Share weather tips if there is a storm in the area.


  • @mention an influencer in one of your tweets
  • Share a comic or cartoon or funny joke
  • Say something controversial to get a better conversation going
  • Quotes of famous authors, artists or business leaders
  • Share a motivational quote
  • Share an inspirational verse
  • Information about a charity that needs help
  • Photos of nature, sunsets or anything beautiful, funny, inspiring and entertaining.
  • Friendly reminders of important dates or holidays
  • Holiday wishes
  • Simple good night
  • Birthday wishes
  • Thank you community for following you


This was listed last as a point.  We can promote our products or services, but very, very sparingly.  If not, we will lose followers and of course that is the last thing you want.



That’s my list of over 75 ideas to help when you have Twitter Brain Freeze.  Please share this with others to help them!  Also, comment on what you would add to the list for those times you “get stuck”  I look forward to reading them

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