What No Social Media Expert Can Help You With

Being on social media can feel overwhelming sometimes.  There is an abundance of information available on the internet on any subject you choose to research.  If you want to learn more about Social Media you can look forward to being bombarded with email.  Sign up to get a free eBook from a company and you will learn that the company has not only Social Media, but sales, lead pages, converting leads, getting more leads, content marketing, latest Facebook updates, latest Twitter updates and why you need to be blogging.  Now you get email from every department of the company: all for opting in to one seminar.  But the bottom line is that there are things that only you can determine and no social media expert is able to help you making that determination.


We all need to know our why. It is easy to forget your why.  I taught on this a while back after discovering the information on a Ted Talk with Simon Senek. The talk was geared more towards companies, entrepreneurs, and so on, but knowing our why applies to Social Media as well.   If we do not know our why for social media, it is easy to have a disconnect from our real mission with Social Media.  Are you using Social Media as a way to connect with customers and give them a forum to compliment your services or product?  Maybe you set it up as a way for customers to get customer service.


Your Why For Social Media

An effective social media strategy starts with a simple little word: WHY   Click to Tweet

Choosing to be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or Instagram should not be because I want to or because I should be.   Click to Tweet

Personally, I started a Google+ account because of a webinar or some teaching I heard that stated that “you should use Google+ because it is Google and we all want great rankings”  Now that made sense to me until I heard another teaching that talked about finding your ideal customer. Through the ideal customer teaching, I discovered my customer was not on Google+ and his or her concern was not Google rankings.


To get clear on your why concerning social media, you will have to tie it back to your actual business goals.   Click to Tweet

What role is social media supposed to play in supporting your business?  Is it generating more sales, extending customer service reach or is it to connect with other key influencers in your market? These are vital questions that need answers before you try and start setting up some sort of strategy.  Now of course you can just jump in and do whatever, but you may have to take time and restart your branding.  We want our business to be branded a certain way, with certain colors and with a certain image, as in an image in the mind of your followers.




When you have determined your ideal customer, what your business goals are, it will be easy to determine the platform and activities for your particular business.

Now you will be setting objectives that are SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Alignable
  • Realistic
  • Time Related                                Click to Tweet



Instead of getting stuck on numbers of likes or followers, you will be able to look at the larger picture.  Does having a set number of followers help you to meet those business goals?



When you begin to focus on SMART goals that are related to things such as your sales or growing your email list, you will have a greater impact on your business than worrying how to get 10,000 followers on your Fan page.

Examples of some possible goals:

  • Boost prospect list by adding 500 subscribers to my mailing list over the next__________months
  • I will book three new clients each month by connecting with my community on a daily basis
  • I will generate ______new leads over the next six months by using ___________Social Media Platform.

A great example of this is Amy Porterfield.  She had started her business after working with Harley Davidson, doing marketing.  She then leveraged those connections to get a job with one of the greats in Social Media – Tony Robbins.  After 5 years she realized she want to start her own company and her own terms.   Shortly after that, her husband decided he wanted to be a fireman.  This was going to make her the sole breadwinner for a while.  At this point she knew she had to make Facebook work for her.  She did just that.  She grew her followers, got an email list and started programs she could sell.

What Are The Needs Of Your Ideal Customer?

At some point in your business, you have to go through the exercise of at least knowing who that customer is.  If you are trying to sell Discount Health Care, your goal is not going to be people in major corporations as they most likely all have health care.

If your business is recruiting and using the same example as above, you are not going to target your marketing to someone that is making six figures in their own business.  But targeting a housewife that wants to earn a second income and do it on a schedule that allows her to keep her family and household chores a priority would most likely be a great choice.

The real key of the exercise of finding that ideal customer is to know their needs, desire and pain points.  For your social media you are going to build on this profile so you can decide how to meet your business goals.


A great starting place is to determine how your ideal customer consumes information and on what format.     Click to Tweet       Click Here to Get an Ideal Customer Worksheet

If your target is a busy mom, they are not going to be reading long blog posts because they are on their phones waiting in carpool lines, soccer practice, shopping lists and so on

Dive in exactly where your customer is in the social media world     Click to Tweet

Be sure to do the research of the demographics and even psycho-graphics of each social platform.   Click to Tweet

Use Google to see what information you can find on each network.  You can get your usage information by going to PEW INTERNET, Statistic Brain and STATISTA for  information  and metrics on each platform.

Let’s say your audience is a busy mom age 30-45.  She is going to be most active on Facebook and Pinterest,  You will not need to use Vine because she does not know what Vine is unless she has a child 8 or older (because that group uses Vine and Snap Chat)

If you are unsure, stop and look at your current social media presence if you have started:

  • What are your numbers like?
  • Where are you seeing the most engagement or success?
  • Use Facebook insights to see where you are succeeding or missing the mark
  • Where are most of your opt-ins coming from:  Track these numbers for a couple weeks, make some changes and look for that improvement
  • Survey:  An absolutely great way to know what your community wants is to just ask them.  Use tools as SurveyMonkey (WWW.SURVEYMONKEY.COM) or Google Forms to get this information quickly
  • Use this information to make clear decisions about where your customers are congregating online.  That is where you focus is needed.

What Social Networks Do You Enjoy Using?

A commonly held misconception of social media is to be everywhere so we sign up for all of these platforms.  The real problem is there is only so much time in a day and trying to be on every platform AND do a great job is just not achievable

Instead of being on multiple platforms and do a mediocre (or worse poor) job, it is much more effective to focus on one or two networks and be a powerhouse.      Click to Tweet

I recently had a one on one coach session and as we talked about where I was and where I wanted to be the suggestion came that I might want to choose one platform (I am on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and of course my blog) and become the go to person for that platform.  She said I may need to go even deeper and say be the go to person for Facebook Marketing.  Do you see the value in that?

Deciding where to focus should take into account what social networks you enjoy using.  If you hate Twitter, trying to build your presence on that platform will be difficult for you.  The key in the life we are living is to enjoy our lives and have passion about what we are doing so it is, in fact, not work for us. Your enthusiasm comes out from behind that screen and if we want to be unique and set apart from others, it is not going to happen if you are doing something to please someone else.  (Even if it is Google)


No Expert Can Tell You Why You Are On Social Media

Take some time to step back and look at the foundation of your business as well as that of your social media strategy.  Taking that time helps you to have the kind of clarity and focus that you want for your day to day activities.  Having clarity and focus will give you the results that will impact your business in that positive way.




No matter what any social expert says, your reason for choosing to use social media is yours and yours alone.  From building your list to boosting sales, having that strong connection with your customer’s why as well as your own will give you the success that you are striving for.

What do you need to do to get clarity in your social media strategy?  Comment below to share your ideas.



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