What Twitter Changes Mean to You

Change is coming


You may have caught the buzz about changes coming to Twitter.  What does it mean to those of us that use Twitter as a platform for our business?  It means that things are about to become even easier for us.

Changes also mean  Twitter is listening to its users.  Twitter’s best  ideas were not actually Twitter’s ideas.  140 characters came from being able to use Tweets as a text message.  The @replies came from users long before the platform supporting them.  People were #tweeting #hashtags to #talk about specific #subjects long before Twitter put a blue underline on them and gave them dedicated pages.


Twitter moves fast and everyone is in a group together.  Sure we have a character limit, but it makes it possible to move so quickly.  It gives a place to talk about stuff and not read a commentary or be distracted with “more..”

Twitter is a very brief, very fast conversation.  News types love Twitter.  Longer posts would mean fewer posts and that is not what Twitter wants.  However marketers have recognized the power of photos, links and even video.  Twitter has penalized users in a way for using these photos, links or videos by taking up to 24 characters.  Now, you get 140 characters for text. Period


People want to just use Twitter, talk and not worry about rules. If I mention two people and add a photo, I want more than 4 characters left. If I use a photo, I do not want to use a thesaurus to look for a shorter word for “fantastic” or use something unprofessional looking like “gr8”


What else is changing?


@names now auto-populate at the start of a Tweet and count towards the character limit.  This will no longer count and you can have a Tweet begin with a username without the @ in order to have that Tweet reach all of their followers.



We will now be able to Retweet or Quote Tweet ourselves when we want to share a new reflection or better yet, when we think a really good one went unnoticed

What isn’t changing?

Less is still more

The main idea behind Twitter is that it is short and sweet.  That can be a challenge for some that are longer winded, but it causes us to find those words that make the point clearly and precisely.  This fast flow of the feed creates uniqueness for this platform that other platforms are not providing.  The less is more idea helps keep that flow quick and current.  Facebook and Medium are available any time for more in depth detail of current events.


Summary of Best Practices


These changes on Twitter are not going to allow you the room to write a blog on the platform, but it does give us more room.  While we are still need our thinking caps on to ensure what we Tweet is clear and concise, here is a brief summary of what we need to remember when creating those Tweets:

  • Use action verbs
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Know what your hashtags mean
  • Mention others
  • Mind your manners
  • Keep image sizes in mind


I have done free training for Twitter, given 50 proven successful tweets that you can use  and recently created two articles about having success on Twitter  if you are looking for more detailed information


How will this change in Twitter affect your social media marketing?  Comment below and let me know.

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