“Why You Need to Be Marketing Online”


I contacted a business owner the other day about his online marketing. He gave me a variety of excuses from “not technical” to “not sure this is what we need”. Going into the call, I knew that the gentleman had two companies and had been told that he is extremely busy. His words kind of shocked me, not about him not being computer literate, but rather not being sure as to what they needed.
I am a huge proponent of “marketing in the year that we are in” (@garyvee). Today even the local plumber has at a minimum a Facebook Fan Page. My grandchildren were at the house one day last month and we were going to call someone. I asked them to get me the telephone book. The middle granddaughter looked at me as if I were crazy and the oldest one laughed and said “Mama you are so old school” I looked up the company I was looking for on the almighty Google and of course those of you that use the computer know, there was the business, website, about, phone and location all in one neat box on the right of the page. How could we think that not being on line is OK in any sense of the word? The competition is tuff is today’s economy and every business wants to bring new customers. The days of ads in newspapers, (everyone gets their news on line or from Yahoo, Bing, or even Facebook who has a daily Newscast by
ABC) sending flyers (people do not even save them for scrap paper any more) or even television ads are difficult to bring those new customers. The emergence of TiVo and cable companies that allow us to record and fast forward through commercials on our favorite shows make it close to impossible for someone using television as PR to even get watched. I rewound on a commercial the other day and it showed many children, medial personal speaking and
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nothing to hint who the company was that was advertising was. I wanted to know. The commercial spoke of acting aids from its aids infected mother. The company doing this research is Chevron. That was a great commercial. No in your face advertising, just a simple this is what we are doing and giving back. I want to buy Chevron gas now. And who has not seen the way Budweiser advertises? Heartwarming stories and a simple caption. You can count on a Budweiser commercial during every super bowl and it WILL be a hit.

Is The Problem Really A Lack Of Online Marketing?

I believe that business owners just lack the motivation to change. They may have heard others speak of great websites, social media marketing, and blogs. If they did, they are also hearing the stories of how much it takes to maintain them. It takes time and if you have them the resources to pay for some of that advertising. If you do not have the cash to invest, then it takes even more of the owner’s most valuable commodity, time. Giving the task to an employee already working with the company will mean needing to hire and train another. It may also mean needing to train the employee on social media. How do you know the person is working on your sites and not visiting their own?

courtesy of Huffington Post

courtesy of Huffington Post

All of this could be reasons that prevent the President or CEO that maybe it is just not worth the effort to use social and internet marketing. It may be that the owner is just stuck on his or her old marketing ideas. Could this mean they are using old bookkeeping, lack of payment options for those customers and poor inventory control? Most likely.

But Why?

Like me you might think “but why would they do that”. It might seem unwise or even silly to those that are more progressive, but there could be legitimate reasons for the obstacle that is keeping the owner from even more success. It could be time. Most business owners just do not have the time that it takes to set up the internet and social end of marketing. They do not wake up thinking “I need someone to assist me with some new marketing ideas. I hope someone calls me.”
The second possible reason is a lack of knowledge. One gentleman I spoke with said that he did not know if this was something that he needs to be open to or not. He suggested that he would speak to “his people” and find out if this was something he needed to be open to. For this gentleman, he had a healthy fear of technology. That told me that he was most likely a bit older. With all of the ever changes on all of the social platforms and the news of people being hacked on the internet, that fear can almost be justified. The amount of knowledge is huge and it would be a huge task to “catch up” They may understand that success in this field is going to require science, math, creativity, and art. Add in the scope of different digital marketing platforms, options on how to reach people on each of those, and the speed at which things happen is surely enough to have the most successful business man filled with at least some fear of the unknown.

Changing to stay relevant in the year that we are in is huge. We have to do so, but an enormous problem with change is that most people do not want to do it. They do not like change and the fear of what they might be stepping into is very real.

Now What?

The business owner needs to take a good look at what has changed in the past years. They need to take a look at their sales over the years and see if there has been a lull in the business. If the owner wants to capture all of the business opportunities they can, they can align themselves with someone that will help them with this. A person that will ensure that the targeting process is for their ideal customer and not just to the billions of people that is on these platforms. Once that is decided upon, it should be an easy process to decide which platforms that customer is on and how to reach them

The owner does not have to understand those ins and outs. For example, obtaining flyers for the company does not require that the owner understand how to set a press, the different fonts, the best colors according to color psychology and so on just to get some beautiful flyers. images
In order to stay relevant in today’s economy, a business owner needs to stay updated on the best ways to reach their customers. I am not saying that the provable handshake is gone. This can include not only a website and a social presence. These things are important to today’s consumers, and they are looking to find those that have the reputation that speak to their need to know, like and trust someone before they hand over the hard earned cash. In the same token, payment methods need to be made simple for the customer as they search for ways to complete their transactions with ease and confidence in the business.

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