Do You Really Need A Niche And An Ideal Customer?


Starting Out


When I first started on social media, I was so excited.  I was with an MLM at the time, and I felt like I was really out there.  The classes I went to for social talked about what to post and what not to post, times, and a set of secret rules on how social was different from just blasting our business out there.  I understood the give, give, give then ask theory, but when I realized how many people there actually are on each of the different platforms,I could not help but think “Why would they want to listen to what I have to say?” Click to Tweet


I started attending every webinar I could, every class I could take and I still felt I was not coming out of the cloud of confusion with Social Media. I was posting inspirational verses on pictures and putting those on  my sites, but I felt like I was in some deep fog.  You know the kind I am talking about, you can’t see the front of the car, but you keep driving on a wing and a prayer.  Click to Tweet


Finally, I heard a teaching about your ideal customer.  I was ecstatic.  I sat down, worked through all the questions, and felt more confident moving forward.  I knew my customer was the mom that stayed at home and wanted extra cash to help out the family finances.  She could also be the abused wife, looking for a way to become independent.  Once I had those few ideas, I knew how to post ads on Craig’s list to target that woman.  I knew what to post on Facebook and even better, I knew what to write about on my blog.  I wanted to share that with everyone, and help them out of the fog and start to feel as if they were finally getting somewhere.  When I learned about free give-a-ways to get an email, I knew exactly what to offer.  My version of those same questions along with more that I had gathered from searching on-line.  Imagine my surprise when it was not a hit.


What is an ideal customer?

Then I read another article the other day that talked about “Really Needing A Niche”  What is the difference?  An ideal customer is  “ everything from the features and functionality of the product you build, to the words you use and the emotion you invoke or tap into in your marketing” I think people forget that you actually get to choose your customers.  You get to choose who you want to do business with.   Click to Tweet

So creating an Ideal Customer Profile is not limiting… it’s empowering!  Click to Tweet


Your Ideal Customer Profile is a living, breathing “definition” that you’ll come back to – and modify – often.  Click to Tweet

In fact, your Ideal Customer is really specific to:

  • The Situation You’re solving for
  • Your company / product / offer / campaign (or all of these)

What is a niche?

A niche on the other hand is a distinct segment of a market.    Click to Tweet

For example, weight loss, vitamins, anti-aging products, and  beauty products are all examples of niches.  In each case, it may be narrowed down even further.  Beauty products for example could be Avon or Younique.  You might want to educate people about healthy living, eating and lifestyle and your products of vitamin packs.  Most niche markets fall into one of the following categories (and I chose to give some simple examples):

  • Consultants       This could be in business, sales, and finances
  • Websites             Website specialists, setting up, and maintaining the site
  • Retailers             Department stores, supermarkets, and online stores
  • Engineering      Removing water from underground, machinery
  • Education          On line training, schools, courses and books
  • Professional      Medical, accounting, social media and legal firms
  • Specialty goods  Novelty items for home, office or entertainment

Without a clear niche and targeting market, you will be running around in circles.  Click to Tweet

You will burn out and quit and no one wants to see you do that.  The stress alone could do serious damage to your body.

Sometimes in our desire to succeed, (and in some cases to prove you can do it) we throw common sense out the window. Click to Tweet

We try to be what each person we talk to wants us to be. Click to Tweet

It is literally impossible to be everything to everyone and trying to do this will NOT give you the kind of payoff you are looking for.  Click to Tweet

Have you ever felt as if you are working non stop and getting no where? Click to Tweet  Have you felt as if no one wants to talk to you or do business with you and you do not understand why?


I want to  try and throw something out and see if it might resonate with you:

Have you ever gone to a website and have no idea what it is that they do? Click to Tweet

Let’s just suppose that Timid Terry goes to your site and she is unclear as to what you are promoting.  (By site, I am including social media sites as well as actual website)  Is she going to ask or just leave and not come back?  Ramp it up Rhonda is ready to move on with her weight loss goals and is now looking for some weight loss shakes.  She types it into Google and is overwhelmed by the amount of information.  Will you show up?

If you are not clear on what you are offering, did you really think Google could figure it out?  Click to Tweet

The bottom line is that confused people do not buy!  Click to Tweet

Now let’s suppose that Ramp it up Rhonda is your ideal customer.  She has had two children and wants to lose that weight.  She is YOUR ideal customer and you are into weight loss.  What do you want to put out there?  Testimonies about weight loss, pictures, before and after, exercise for the stomach , hips and thighs.  You talk about the latest episode of Scandal and give her comedy about children, raising them, diapers, the chaos they create.

You offer encouragement and you make sure you are providing her the kind of answers she is looking for.  Click to Tweet

You are there to encourage her and inspire her. Click to Tweet

And most of all you are unique and authentic. Click to Tweet

You are not a sales person constantly pushing your wares, you give answers and support. Click to Tweet

Because you are so incredibly wise, you know that even if there are over 1.35 Billion users on Facebook, you understand that you are not going to be selling to each of them. (still pretending you are in weight loss niche) You have seen those women that have a child and within 3 weeks they look thinner than they did before they had the child. (and how unfair is that?)  So you use that information to reach your customer!

66c674d6-cd58-4b75-bd95-7e69c9eaa4a3.png  end of confusion, freedom

Are you beginning to see how if you really target who you want as a customer, you will be better able to relate to them?  I can hear some of you right now: “There are probably millions selling weight loss products and you want me to narrow down who I reach –You are crazy”  Not really.  Most likely, the men in your niche are going to go after other men (probably with beer bellies or even men over 50 that can no longer eat like they did at 20 without consequences) An older woman in the weight loss niche will probably target the middle age or older woman.

The most interesting thing happens, you will begin to attract exactly those people you want. (click to tweet)  Because you are being real, they will tell others about you. Your fans, followers and the visits to your site will increase.  People will begin to purchase.  People will begin to see who you are and what you do. They want to work with you.  What about those masses that you are not reaching?  It is not going to matter because you will be busy with your dream customers.   Your customers comment on your blogs and on your social media sites.  They love your site, why? Because it touches them where they hurt.  You are giving them exactly what they need.  You do it for a while and then you ask for the business.


I am not going to tell you that  if you decide to try this you will see results  within a week or even a few months.  It will take some time, but it is not going to happen unless you start moving.  What I want you to see is this:  Just like everything else, narrowing down your niche is an evolving process and the only way to figure it out is to start moving.  Get into action. You do not have to be perfect, and do not even try to be!  Remember you are not all things to all people.

If you are not making some mistakes, you probably are not moving fast enough.  Click to Tweet

I have changed who my ideal customer is several times, from when I was with an MLM, to starting my own business, and then narrowing it down even more.  Chances are really high that things will change again as my business grows.  Sometimes you might not have enough clients or customers and need to get out of  your  comfort zone to add some growth.


If you would like a copy of my paper on finding your ideal customer you can do so here.

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If you are interested in a consultation to help you determine that customer, I am offering 15 minute sessions.  You can sign up here and I will contact you to set up a time and date.

Please comment below and tell us about your ideal customer!

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