LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn is such a powerful network.  There is no other platform that works so well on a professional level.  If you are a business looking to work with another business, LinkedIn is your social media platform.  It also works great if you are a job seeker or maybe a better position within a different company.   LinkedIn will also allow you to make connections with other influencers.  You can also use LinkedIn to show yourself as an expert within your niche.  

This training has taken quite a long time to be able to present.  Please enjoy and make sure that you get the free hand-outs as they assist in a deeper understanding of the platform.  


1_why_you_want_to_use_it 2016-06-25_0047.png_1_creating_that_linkedin_profile


2016-06-25_0051.png_2_Best_group_practices_on_linkedin 2016-06-25_0050.png_2_character_count_on_linkedin 2016-06-25_0048.png_2_optimize_your_linkedin_profile


2016-06-25_0054.png__3_tookie_mistakes_on_Linedin 2016-06-25_0052.png_3_The_worst_LinkedIn_mistakes

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